Cutlite Penta was founded in Italy in 1992 and since then, it has always availed itself of El.En.’s technical support and of the legacy of Valfivre, a historical Florentine company.

This synergy led Cutlite Penta to become one of the main Italian companies working on designing, developing and selling carbon-dioxide laser systems.

Its renowned seriousness and competence have allowed Cutlite Penta to reach a top position in the world:  China, Brazil and the United States are some of the countries hosting its manufacturing, business and technical sites. Several customer care services are spread out worldwide, to offer an efficient and prompt post-sale service.

Its determination in turning ideas into facts, its consistent care of the real needs of the various world markets, and its manifold competences within the El.En. Group are the cornerstones that have led Cutlite Penta through the years, and will continue to lead it into the future. Quality, technology, flexibility and care merge crafting the Cutlite Penta items, and making the company a clear example of Italian Excellence.

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