3D Laser Cutting

Cutlite Penta produces innovative laser machines with 5 axes, 3 cartesian and two rotary motion. The monolithic structure with the laser on board allows to minimize installation time and ensures extreme stability of the optical alignment.

Our 3D laser cutting systems meet the needs of the sector. Extreme flexibility, low operating costs and the ability to work with rotations of + - 180 ° c axis are features that make them unique on the market, allowing work on the underside of the details without repositioning the work piece usually very dangerous for the machining accuracy.

Moreover, the laser source consents to minimize installation times and guarantees great stability of the optical alignments. The pressurized jointed arms leading the laser beam within the distribution system are the main feature of these devices, ensuring the steady propagation of the  laser beam in a protected environment, and thus high-quality, long-lasting manufacturing.

The rotation is transmitted to the focusing head through co-ax shafts. The engines of the rotating axes are fixed and far from the cutting area, thus the small size of the head allows it to enter the small manufacturing spaces.

Our 3D laser cutting systems are also equipped with Alfa Learning, the self-learning device with the portable computerized control board with a 8" touch screen to communicate manufacturing data. When the system is switched on, the Alfa learning devices starts up automatically carrying out a design or correcting a process already memorized.