Die Boards

The die-board made with the "American" system  is an essential tool for the papermaking industry. It  is obtained from a table of plywood on which cuts of precise width are made that exactly  follow the design of the profile of the boxes and the lines that need to be folded in order to close them.

Cutlite Penta realizes two different types of die-boards cutting machines, the just mentioned flatbed and the rotary presses;  in this last case the cuts are not executed on the plane, but on a cylindrical "shell". The Cutlite Penta technology allows to execute identical and precise cuts, impossible to be obtained  with traditional cutting methods such as jigsaws.

The extreme precision required is due to the need to insert grooves and pre-creasings that will not fray, as well as to avoid warping caused by exceeding pressure on the board. Cutlite Penta, the world leader in building machinery for die cutting, has always produced them in several models, always guaranteeing the same quality.

Recently Cutlite Penta and El.En. have developed a source devised especially for this application. The  “dieboard master” is the combination of this laser technology with Cutlite Penta systems, and it offers top results in terms of quality and cutting speed.