AlfaCube 3020

AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser machine with 5 axes, 3 cartesian and

2 rotary motion.

AlfaCube 3020 is the 3D laser system that meets the needs of the sector:

extreme flexibility, low operative costs and ability to rotate the C axis by

±180°. The latter technological characteristic allows processes also on the

underside of the piece, avoiding the repositioning: for example it enables

to rotate around the end of a tube keeping it parallel to the X axis, therefore

simplifying the equipments and avoiding repositioning, usually very critical

for the machining accuracy.

The rotation is transmitted to the focusing head via coaxial shafts. The

engines of the rotary axes are fixed and far from the cutting area, allowing

to have a small size head able to easily enter into very narrow spaces

during processing.

Technical features

Z Axis 2D: 750mm ; 3D: 750mm
Quickly speed up to 43m/min
Working accuracy ± 0,05/500 mm
Availability ± 0,02 mm