Plus Five

PLUS FIVE is an innovative laser cutting system made up of 5 axes

including 3 Cartesian (X,Y,Z) axes and two polar (B,C) axes.

The monolithic structure featuring onboard laser source allows

definitely reducing installation times while guaranteeing the utmost

balance of optical alignments.

The linear motors of X and Y axes ensure

excellent dynamical performances along with very high accuracy. The motors

for the rotary (B,C) axes are fixed and the rotary motion is transmitted to

the focusing head through coaxial sleeves.

This allows obtaining a head with such limited dimensions that it can be put

in restricted spaces during cutting operations.

Technical features

Z Axis 750 mm
2D Working area 1500x1500mm; 2000x2000mm; 3000x1500mm; 4000x2000mm
3D Working area 900x900mm