LTF Fast

The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite

Penta production range for laser-cutting of die-boards for

paper industry, since it represents the right solution for

cardboard-boxes manufacturing companies (which produce

die-boards in house) as well as for die-board manufacturing

companies with medium-low production.

Its working area of 1750x1250 mm allows carrying out all the

most widespread formats in the die-board processing industry.

The system motion is given by a movable bridge, on which the

laser source is installed, which runs along the X-axis, and a

cutting head running along the Y-axis.

The LTF system can be equipped with El.En.-manufactured

radiofrequency sources, with powers ranging from 350W to

Moreover, near the cutting head of the LTF system, it

is possible to install a galvanometer head that allows

marking codes and/or logos on the die-board. Thanks to

its combination of cutting head and marking head, the LTF

system can guarantee short times to carry out finished dieboards.

Technical features

Z Axis 30mm