PRL Linear

Combo systems can be carried out for workings on flat and rotary die boards,

by using the OF 2515 and/or Linear 1730 models for cutting

flat die-boards combined with the OFRL Compact model for cutting

rotary die-boards..

The combo system is made up of two separate (flat and rotary)

systems yet with a single source, in such a way as to limit the

production costs and final sales price, and to meet the highest

market requests.

In the combo system, the laser source, through an appropriate

deviator placed on its outlet, can send the laser beam to either

the flat or rotary cutting system, based on the operator’s actual


The flat and rotary systems of the combo may also be

separated to work on die-boards independently, in case of

need and/or increase in productivity, by installing a second

source on either system.