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Our growth in laser cutting due to Taglio software

We invest many resources and energy in development: our cutting machines record an ongoing growth both in terms of performance and possible new workings. Accordingly, even the CAM should develop with a view to making the new solutions developed easily available.

Such evolution is to be guaranteed by a software house that supports us during each stage in a prompt and cooperative way. We have been cooperating with Taglio for some time now. It is a software house that is proving to be a reliable partner able to offer us a remarkable added value thanks to its customized products.

In particular, developments in terms of NC and laser system were those that most contributed to improvements in the entire manufacturing process and made high-speed raster workings possible. Because of this evolution we could open up to the world of engraving and photographic reproduction, as well as the creation of bas-reliefs, backlight panels or soundproofing micro-perforated panels. Therefore, new fields were available such us those of lighting, papermaking, furnishing and textile.

Due to the CAM software by Taglio we could improve the design functions, streamline and refine the cutting paths. Furthermore, it is also possible to import and integrate those images that are required for raster workings and the management of the registration cutting by video-camera, thus simplifying our customers’ work.

Thanks to the Taglio’s software, we have succeeded in working out easy and logic functioning that integrates very powerful and targeted streamlining functions. The objectives we could reach are important and impressive: we have taken advantage of the potential of our laser systems and this has allowed us to approach new application sectors that are still untrodden.

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