Laser marking: fast and efficient with the FASTMARK system

Monday 07 January 2019


The FASTMARK system is completely designed and developed by our engineers and technicians and this allows installing and managing it with the utmost simplicity in every cutting system of ours such as OF, OFRL, OFPRL  and LTF.

The FASTMARK system is a totally galvanometric system marker, both in terms of laser beam’s deflection mirrors and in terms of dynamic management of the focal point: this implies a minimum distortion and extraordinary regularity in the repeatability of shapes that turns into an almost absolute precise result.

The configuration software management of the FASTMARK System has been entirely developed by our organization, thus enabling  us to implement complete tuning of the marker and accordingly, to make any correction to the geometrical deformation due to construction or installation factors.   

Our  post_ processor allows working the entire surface in a simple and clear  way without any special involvement of the operator.

Our expertise in the optical and laser beam fields allows configuring and streamlining the FASTMARK system on every laser cutting system of ours including  both standard and combined systems with the same quality standards.

The use  of the Galvanometer Head allows realizing logos, codes, etc.. on any surface  so as to add identifying information to the product that is being realized and accordingly, to customize and brand it.