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This article will show you FIBER PLUS, one of our machines for laser cutting, pointing out its potential and uses.

Cutlite Penta’s FIBER PLUS’ features

This machine features low environmental impact drives and components and is equipped with the latest generation and high-efficiency linear motors. The key feature of these motors is their optimization from the viewpoint of dissipation and this allows directly reducing the power consumption up to 60% compared with the machine tools equipped with traditional drives.

What is consumption reduction due to?

This machine can guarantee considerable consumption saving due to 4 factors:

1 – new drives and motors integrate innovative functions in order to manage acceleration and deceleration in the working phases, thus reducing the power input that is required the perform the programs;

2 – the innovative functions for high-speed treatments result in time saving in addition to faster processing of part programs by the NC. Furthermore, the axes’ acceleration and displacement speed increase;

3 – use of IPG solid laser source guarantees electric consumption reduction by 60% compared with a traditional CO2 laser source;

4 – a programmable shutdown system stops the machine and the compressed air/power consumption at the end of te performance, thus leading the stand-by consumption to 1KW/hour.

The combination of higher efficiency of the drive motor system and the factors described at 1), 2) and 3) points bring about an up-to-60% reduction of consumption compared with the same treatment being performed on an old generation laser treatment system and an average input of the system at average 12 kw\h.

What are the FIBER PLUS strengths?

FIBER PLUS features some strengths that make it outstanding and particularly efficient.

  • The machine features all on-board components as well as the laser source that is built-in .That means it does not require external switchboards and has a low installation perimeter impact.
  • Operating costs are reduced compared with the traditional laser systems.
  • Going for different configurations is possible as well as adjusting the system to special manufacturing needs.
  • The machine is totally closed and thus the operator does not interact with the laser system when it moves and this prevents it from any possible accidents.
  • Planned maintenance is not required.
  • Position microswitches are not required as the machine is equipped with linear motors with absolute position sensing (machine zero is never performed).

For any further information on Fiber Plus, please visit the dedicated page.

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