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In the picture above: Cutlite Penta flat -bed system OF and rotary system OFRL COMPACT installed and working in Die Techs – RENTON (WA) USA .The stand alone rotary laser OFR 3000 – 3500W Rofin Slab3 installed at Dietechs is the most powerful rotary laser installed in the North American diemaking market ever. The flatbed laser OF 2515 came with 3000W Rofin Slab3.

Pioneer in the application of laser technology in machining of die boards, Cutlite Penta has gained over the years knowhow and a competitive advantage by hundreds of installed systems. The close collaboration with El.En. and Rofin has led us to develop an accurate laser beam that ensure great stability and cutting cleaning. The optical quality of the laser and the care in its propagation are essential to guarantee clean, stable and net cuts on both sides of the die.

Reliability and competence have allowed Cutlite Penta to achieve a worldwide leading position.

Hereunder just few testimonials from our customers regarding some of the lasers installed recently over 5 continents:

“Die Techs performed extended research on both rotary and flatbed die cutting lasers available in today’s market and ultimately chose Cutlite Penta Laser. We made this decision based on design, structural integrity, ease of use and distinctive features offered on both lasers. The OF 3015 flatbed and OFRL Compact Rotary far surpassed our expectations and have decreased burn times by approximately 30%. In addition to speed the kerf is consistent and the etching is phenomenal. Mr. Russ Dorothy, Die Techs laser operator states, “I am impressed with the speed and the interface of the units being user friendly”. Overall base on efficiency, price, customer service and productivity we believe purchasing from Cutlite Penta was an instrumental interchange in our daily operations. “ Mr. Justin Hennings – General Manager of DieTechs (USA).

And, continuing with some customers’ reviews:

“Apple Die recently purchased two new lasers from Cutlite Penta. After researching several laser vendors Apple chose Cutlite Penta based on Kerf quality, superior etching and its steel cutting capabilities. We look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship with Cutlite Penta.“ Barb Wambold CEO Apple Steel Rule Die Co, Inc. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) .

Together with “Actually Cutlite Penta is a popular laser brand in Turkey at die making industry. The most important point is their reseller KUESTA, who’s guided us to our decision. They called and bring us to Cutlite Penta Open House in 2016 and we saw your machine for the first time. The moment we needed a laser machine, we contacted Mr. Elcin from KUESTA, and we discussed about the supply. So with their efforts, Cutlite Penta pass a bit in front of their competitors. Now, we are very happy about bought this machine. When we checked the technical specs of the machine, it was quite enough for our expectations. For example : cutting speed for 2pt shown 70mt/hour. Due to machine’s motor CNC chassis balance, we told our wishes to Cutlite Penta’s technical staff and they set some parameters as our needs easily. Now the machine’s cutting speed increase 100mt/h right now. Another great advantage us the software and front-end of the machine which persuaded us to go for this laser against the competition. We have been impressed about this machine since the beginning; we took the right decision going for Cutlite Penta laser. All the brand new options are really impressive specially the marking tool.”. Mr. Kemal Sengul – General Manager of IKRAM LASER (Turkey)

Another successful installation of OF 2515 – 2000W Rofin Slab3 in Turkey, this time in Istanbul at IKRAM BICAK; the customer got this specific unit with the latest version of the marking head CP SCAN (the largest in the market with 550x550mm marking area) and the option for cutting metal CP STEEL which now is now is fully driven by software with no longer manual set-ups.

And also: “We were in Italy for some investments in 2017, Mr. Andrea Falaschi helped us suggested a visit to Cutlite Penta. We had no plan to invest in a new laser at that moment, maybe in 1-2 years. Our 2 lasers were almost 20 years old each and they have served us well. We were amazed when we entered Cutlite Penta facilities, they made everything in house and from scratch. We stared some discussion about a new laser immediately and collected quotations from all laser manufacturers. Cutlite Penta’s offer was good and the delivery time was outstanding compared to the competitors. We also had a good feeling about the service department, with only one laser that will be important for us. Andrea also helped us to sell our old lasers, so we ordered a new laser and it arrived perfectly when the factory was closed for vacation. The installation was a success and now it has been running for 6 weeks it has been a big improvement compared to what we had before and are happy that we made this investment.“ Mr. Kenn Karlsson – General Manager of STJÄRN-STANS AB (Sweden)

Cutlite Penta combo flat and rotary system OFPRL 2500W Rofin (flat model OF 3015 + rotary model OFRL) installed and working in Stjarn-Stans AB – Sweden (the flat part OF)


The rotary part OFRL

… More and more.. this time from our Benelux dealer SOSFORM regarding his customers:

“Ramaform – Hasselt – Belgium was founded in the early 70’s as a diemaker mainly for the production 2 and 3 pt dies and high rule dies up to 100,00 mm for the plastic industry. This year they started up a production of tailor-made boxes in small series, a new department which is rapidly growing. Since 2017 Ramaform started to renew several machines in their plant. This decision was based on the technical and economic benefits that the new technology could bring them. Since 2006 they had been using a Cutlite Penta MPL2515-1.000 Watt laser much to their satisfaction. End of last year they purchased the new Cutlite Penta LTF 2015 RF888 laser with galvo head for cutting dieboards and acrylic. Their new laser was delivered and installed in the middle of March of this year. We immediately discovered great benefit in the savings of gas and power consumption. Also, the maintenance costs are estimated to be only a fraction of the costs they had on their previous laser machine. Although the power of the new LTF laser is 850 Watt, the galvo systems gives a boost to their output. The service and support of Cutlite Penta and Sosform was very important in the decision-making process.”


“Meijdenberg – Waalwijk – Netherlands was founded in the mid 60’s as a company making clicker dies as the company is based in the area of the Netherlands where most of the shoe factories where based at that time. Over the years the company evolved and added the production of 2 and 3pt dies and high rule dies up to 60,00 mm. Meijdenberg kept on investing in the automation of their production site and nowadays they have a great variety of machines in their die shop. Their latest purchase, beginning of this year, was a Cutlite Penta LTF 2015 RF888 laser with captivity head for cutting plywood, acrylic and steel. The main aim was to be able to make steel parts which are used in their production of die boards, clicker dies and in high steel rule dies for the plastic industry. Despite the power of 850 Watt the machines cuts through several steel types without any problems and is of great value to their production. Biggest advantage is the speed of changing from plywood to steel and back again. This can be done in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, they encountered that the operation software is very user friendly as well.”


“Beekman Stansvormen BV – Huissen – The Netherlands was founded in the early 70’s and later became part of the Diefac group. Although Beekman Stansvormen BV is a medium size die-shop, we supply our dies all over the Netherlands as well in 2 as 3 pt. As a part of the Diefac group Beekman Stansvormen has access to a wide range of knowledge, flexibility and security of delivery always. Recently we decided to replace our laser from the year 2000 for a Cutlite Penta LTF 2015 RF 888 laser for cutting plywood. About the reason why we decided to purchase the Cutlite Penta LTF 2015 RF 888 laser, was very clear. The new machine has low costs in use and maintenance. Due to the use of a RF laser source, the laser will be very stable and secure. “

LTF 2015 RF888 at Ramaform – Netherlands


LTF 2015 RF888 at Meijdenberg – Netherlands

Finally from Japan:

“It was a little uneasy as it was the introduction for the first time in Japan, but now I think it was very good to introduce. It is very easy to handle with good operability compared to laser machine in Japan. The cut is also stable and the cut face finished cleanly. Although it is a feature of this laser that it is possible to use both galvo and cutting, the galvo is not only for marked on a die board with marking, it is also useful for customer’s sample cut. By being able to do various processing, we have got a lot of inquiries from customers and processes requests have increased different from the past. The problem is that there are few users in Japan, time difference between PENTA laser engineers and the language. Because it is a very excellent machine, I think that many companies in Japan are interested in and are considering introduction. I really appreciated to Mr.Jung for introducing this laser to us. Thank you very much.” Nissin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. From Osaka Japan – CEO Mr. Toshiaki Shintani


“I met this machine exactly one year ago when SDS JAPAN Co., Ltd. held the first Penta laser cutting machine demonstration in Japan. First of all, I was surprised at the pulse cut accuracy. How does it comes out so precisely? Of course, the structure is not limited to horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, because it is set by the cutting width according to the progress direction. Since it is difficult to stabilize the cut width of back side of the plywood with past machine, we cut the back side width narrowly first and then the router process was essential. For this method we requires a additional worker to work on. The time given until the completion of dieboard is very short (around 24-48 hours in Japan). When the router process disappears, the time becomes a weapon. The following marking function is an interesting feature to add value to future die making. It will help to suppress claims during Thompson processing. And I am surprised at energy saving. Gas consumption is low. The size of the gas can is the size of a portable gas furnace. I think Diemaking = Racing… The power to exert when the best team crew riders come together is awesome. This machine is that system. It depends on the machine setting. This machine faithfully works delicate demands. Finally, the introduction of this Penta company’s machine is the best choice because of the cooperation of SDS JAPAN Co., Ltd. and President of Ascent Engineering Kitamoto Co., Ltd. I appreciate to both of them.” Sanei Dietechs Co., Ltd., Nara Japan – CEO Mr. Shoji Takemura


“I have a laser but laser just installed in my company these days. So it is hard to comment but I became convinced in my mind when I went to Osaka where the laser of Unit 1 was delivered. And also the Penta Laser was the best machine in the open house. It will be used in earnest from now on. If the interview was six months later, I would have made a better comment. I am exciting in this laser and I look forward to working with this laser in the future.“ Saito nukigata Co., Ltd. , Gunma Japan – CEO Mr. Kouji Saitou

and Thailand:

“Hello Cutlite Penta team, Thank you for the laser machine and your installation. I was searching for laser machine to fit in my production for a long time. With the limitation of the space, it is hard to find a machine to fit in a small space and more power enough to run a daily job. Thanks for the machine. I hope you will take care of me and my company for the next following years. Regards, Montien E. – Systems Board Co., Ltd.”

LTF 2015 RF888 at Nissin Seisakusho Co., Ltd. From Osaka Japan

LTF 2015 RF 888 at Saito Nukigata Co., Ltd Gunma Japan

LTF 2015 RF 888 at Saito Nukigata Co., Ltd Gunma Japan

LTF 2015 RF888 at Systems Board Co., Ltd – Thailand

In conclusion:

“All the messages we receive from our customers make us proud of the work we have done and are the best evidence of the results obtained with our laser systems. Hundreds of models, flat-bed systems and rotary systems, have been sold and installed all over the world during Cutlite Penta’s 25 years of activity, meeting the full satisfaction of our customers”, stated Mr. Enrico Falaschi (the company’s Foreign Sales Manager), this is why we can say that: all around the world CUTLITE PENTA is the ” Italian Excellence for Diemaking Lasers”.

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