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Can large-sized objects be laser cut? Yes, they can!

This article is about some of our customers’ need for large-sized material and object cutting and the new system specifically designed to meet it, that is Linear Cube.

With Linear Cube an additional key article is included in our vast array of laser cutting systems as it allows high-accuracy 3D cutting of sheet, even in case of large-sized materials  and objects.

Linear Cube is equipped with linear motors and a pressurized arm operating on 5 axes, that is a solution that allows rapidly reaching the less accessible angles of the piece to be processed.  Linear Cube allows 2D cutting up to a maximum 20 mm thickness and dimensions of 2,500 x 8,100 mm, as well as 3D cutting up to a maximum 15 mm thickness and dimensions of 2,000 x 7,100 x 980 mm.

In spite of this huge-sized performances, the machine can also guarantee simultaneous displacement speed of the X and Y axes equal to 140 meters per minute, a 1G acceleration, accuracy of ± 0.05/500 mm and position repeatability of a ± 0.02 mm. Furthermore, all processes are checked by Alpha Learning, a software for checking and self-learning that offers easy and intuitive programming.

What are the sectors Linear Cube is mainly used in? Basically, all of the sectors related to large or very large metals and objects such as tubes and pipes up to 8 meters long and with a 2-meter diameter. Isn’t it challenging?

Due to this machine, many enterprises that are our customers could carry out special workings, such as calking suitable for the welding process even on stainless steel sheet, drilling on tubular surfaces and within convex bottoms, profiling complex and ever different shapes.

They are very elaborate operations, also considering that in most cases such large elements are combined with high thickness and special materials. Not to mention the short time for their realization! A unique advantage for our customers. Growing and developing together is one of our objectives and due to Linear Cube we perfectly succeeded in it!

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