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Laser cutting of metals: why is it convenient?

The purchase of machines for the laser cutting of metals is a growing trend in several productive sectors. The evolution of the industry towards a 4.0 model requires continuously more advanced processes and technology and the laser meets the criteria required for automation, efficiency and environmental sustainability. Choosing laser cutting for metal processing is also an advantage for the company’s economics and production capacity. Here are the reasons why the purchase of a laser system for metals is convenient.

Cutting with fibre laser or CO2: which is the more convenient?

There are several types of laser cutting for metals: the mostly used are the cutting with fibre laser and CO2 laser. Regarding the CO2 laser, the fibre laser cutting on metal guarantees more efficiency and reduced energy consumption for a comparable power. Thanks to a thinner laser beam, the cutting of metals with fibre laser is also more accurate and particularly efficient with high thickness. Additionally, the reduced length of the electromagnetic wave allows the fibre laser to be better absorbed by the material, allowing also the cutting of metals as coper and brass. The cutting with CO2 laser has a lower efficiency. Presently some systems of metal cutting with fibre laser allow the cutting of sheet metal with thickness of 50mm and above.

What are the advantages of laser cutting for metals?

The choice of laser cutting for metals offers significant advantages with respect to other cutting systems. Among the main reasons why laser cutting is convenient are:

Cutting quality

Cutting metals with laser means having available maximum cutting accuracy also in the most complex processing. The nature of the laser beam and the technology of the cutting heads allow the achievement of perfect cuts without the need for finishing. Indeed the laser beam only heats the material in the desired spot without affecting the adjacent area.

Maximum customisation

The laser cutting of metals follows precisely the design set-up in the software allowing the execution of complex processing and geometries with a versatility previously impossible. Whether cutting sheet metal or tubes it is possible to achieve customised profiles with speed and accuracy.

Productive savings

The machines for the laser cutting of metals reduce production costs thanks to high performance and quick processing times. In the cutting of metals with fibre laser there are also power savings as a result of higher efficiency, because there is no need for finishing and tool changing during the production the production costs are notably lower as well as the maintenance costs. Finally, the accuracy of the laser beam reduces material rejections to a minimum : this is because with laser the occurrence of scrap material due to cutting is very low. Additionally, fibre laser is also one of the technologies with the lowest energy consumption in operation, a characteristic that favours the environment.

Flexibility and integration

One of the advantages of the systems of fibre laser cutting of metals is the possibility of easy integration to the productive cycle. The extreme flexibility of the machinery and the possibility of also purchasing compact laser machines allows the company to take advantage of the new technology without disrupting the production.

Automation of the processes

The laser technology and the fibre laser cutting provide an important contribution for the evolution to a 4.0 industry thanks to the automation of the productive processes. The continuous processing without tool changes and the saving of the time usually used for finishing, optimise the production performance. 

Production speed

The metal cutting speed of laser machines is incomparable with the traditional cutting systems for tubes and sheet metal. Purchasing a laser cutting system means obtaining a  decisive advantage regarding the market both in terms of productivity and of time and cost savings. Even more valuable efficiency in customised processing, easily replicable also in large numbers.

Why is the purchase of a laser cutting machine more advantageous than outsourcing

Some companies that need metal cutting resort to outsourcing considering it an easier solution. Actually, laser cutting machines are an advantageous purchase for several reasons. 

In the first place the investment on the machine is largely rewarded by the production efficiency and, regarding the traditional metal cutting systems maintenance costs are much lower. Additionally, it guarantees flexible and quick processing, releasing the company from the dependency of suppliers and possible delivery delays.

Advantages of the Cutlite Penta fibre laser cutting systems for metals

The laser cutting of metals stands out for quality and performance. Cutlite Penta guarantees for the customers last generation technologies for the fibre laser cutting of tubes and sheet metal. Among the advantages of purchasing a Cutlite laser cutting system there are:

Proprietary technology

The Cutlite Penta laser machines are totally designed and built in our factory with proprietary CNC that guarantees a precise control of each productive phase. The result are machines with exclusive technology and a  favourable purchasing cost thanks to the absence of third parties.

Better performance

Cutlite Penta manufactures laser cutting systems with extremely high performance concerning power, accuracy and speed. All Cutlite machines are available with linear motors that guarantee reliability and quicker and more accurate processing. The efficiency of our machines, the technology of the cutting head and the possibility of working also in 3D ensures maximum flexibility and optimisation in the production processes.

Maximum cutting power

Cutlite Penta has developed and built for the first time in Europe a technology for the fibre laser cutting of metals with 30 kW of IPG power and the EVO 3 cutting head capable of supporting it.

Customisation for every requirement

By designing and producing the machines internally we produce customised configurations for laser cutting systems for metals also for large dimensions. The ideal solution to meet every requirement for cutting and integration into the production cycle.

Higher cutting quality

The Cutlite machines for the fibre laser cutting of metals take advantage of the best cutting quality also with high thickness. The result are clean and faultless cuts also in complex processing.

Find in our site the laser cutting systems for metals or contact us to receive further information.

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