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Starting from our LME series, we have also recently developed the range of  LMP laser cutting systems. This series employs medium power CO2 laser systems and it is ideal to cut Pmma sheets and other acrylic materials as well as  surface cut, engraving and carving, in addition to 3D cutting operations.

As a result of its design and development, this series is perfect to create backligt panels that are typical within the advertisements sector, without any kind of hardware change. Furthermore, it can easily switch from the plastic cutting to the metal one, thus optimizing  costs and times.

Like the LME series, the LMP too has been specifically designed to meet the request for  small-sized machines that can also guarantee high performances in terms of speed and accuracy.

The LMP series’ features

It is a high added value “entry level” series: these machines employ linear module motors and have the ideal features to save space due to their limited dimensions. The LMP range is available with  CO2 laser powers from 350 to 850 W, standard working area from 1,500 x 1,500 to 1,500 x 2,000mm, Z-axis measuring 80 mm, and it can guarantee an 0.1 mm accuracy with rapid movement speed up to 140 m/min, and simultaneous acceleration over 2.5 g.

By both the LME series and the LMP series we can offer our machines to more and more diversified and strategic sectors to pursue and consolidate our growth.

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