Our partners: MZ Laser Laser Cutting

Tuesday 11 September 2018

MZ Laser Laser Cutting: a precise and indelible choice

To excel in our work we can not only rely on our strengths, but it is also important to weave relationships with other companies in the sector that give us feedback on our products and help us to improve. On the other hand we know: unity is strength. MZ Laser is one of the companies we work with.

In this article we will talk about MZ Laser, a reality in Northern Italy that has used our products for its work.

MZ Laser is a company in Verona specialized in laser cutting of sheet metal that combines the quality of its workings, even with very fast delivery times. It is proposed on the market as a reference point for the production of both industrial and artisanal workpieces.

With a view to constant growth, MZ Laser has purchased one of our laser cutting machines, the Fiber Plus for the need for speed and precision in processing. Indeed, the Fiber Plus systems contain high quality, structural rigidity and accurate efficiency.

We designed Fiber Plus to make a precise and fast metal cutting: a fiber laser source maximizes the benefits derived from this technology. The fiber laser eliminates the drawbacks of carbon dioxide lasers, such as long optical paths and the need for perfect optical alignment.

The company MZ Laser realizes sheet metal products able to offer its customers a real added value in terms of quality of the final product. Obviously the machines for sheet metal processing require very high performance: high productivity (up to 140 m / min) and need to work on very complex geometries with an accuracy that reaches 0.05 mm. In this context, Fiber Plus is a machine that makes the difference because it works with metals up to 20 mm thick with a working area of 3050 * 1525 mm.

The production chain of MZ Laser then concludes with a modern machine useful for bending sheet metal, so as to have a final result customized and taken care of down to the last detail.