That’s how our new company logo was designed

Thursday 01 February 2018

New logo Cutlite Penta

Redesigning the company logo needs time, ideas and some hesitation too. It is in fact  a drastic change in a familiar element we have seen every day and we are fond of in a sense. On the other hand, it is known that everything is ever changing and the old has sometimes to make way for the new. 

In fact, in a rapidly growing and evolving company such as ours, an image that is able to constantly represent us and change with us is a necessary asset.  We are here  going to tell you how we  gave rise to the new company logo. 

Cutlite Penta’s old logo

The previous logo especially highlighted the name of the company  and focused on a 3D geometrical figure, that recalled a laser beam, followed by the claim laser processing solution. We could define it as a rather textual and maybe too abounding logo that required some refresh. 

Cutlite Penta’s new logo

First, the new logo features a ‘flat’ approach, thus meeting the current graphic design trends, where a neater and less fussy result is achieved. The very middle of the stage belongs to the C instead of the whole name Cutlite Penta. The C itself features a cut on its left side, a cut recalling the image of a laser beam that still is  the symbol of our work. Then, the name  Cutlite Penta drops the curtain in a way that is deliberately less showy compared with the previous version.

This is the result of an ongoing special focus on our work and commitment to customers without being self-referential. This logo is the final and successful outcome in that it perfectly  mirrors the growth and development of our company. <figure><img src="/media/uploads/storia_del_logo.jpg" data-image="storia_del_logo.jpg"></figure>