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Whoever said that small is synonymous with weak? Our laser systems require little space but are able to guarantee performances that are similar to the high range ones. 

Many of our customers had asked for small-sized and high performance laser systems for years. We then decided to meet these requirements including new products in our range, for instance the fiber laser cutting systems of the LME series. This machine perfectly meets the requirements of manufacturers of fashion accessories made of brass, bronze or other alloys as well as those of companies in the materials’ processing field that generally need customizations. They are industrial realities that do not have huge quantities requiring large-sized laser cutting systems but at the same time they do not want to make use of external suppliers to carry out certain works.

Potential of our small-sized laser cutting systems

Our LME series is perfectly suited for those companies that need the right quality/price compromise. It is in fact an all integrated solution with switchboard, laser source and command console, so as to guarantee high speed and accuracy in the marking process. Furthermore, the LME series is also equipped with the cutting head with self-focusing and adjusting mirror system along with sophisticated process sensors. And these are the typical features of the large-sized laser cutting systems.

Linear motor modules

An additional plus of our LME laser systems certainly is represented by the linear motors, transfer and displacement units that are essential for precision applications. These linear motor modules offer undoubted direct and indirect advantages and benefits. First of all, they do not require any setup as there are no engaging or kinematic chains. This involves repeating performances with no downtimes.

This is why the LME series is the right

Small and compact the LME system is available in the standard version with fiber sources from 1 to 4kW, working area from 1.050 x 1.050 to 3050 x 1.550mm, and Z axis measuring 80mm.It is an ‘entry level’ and effective solution, for those customers that now use old machines with an out-of-date technology.

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