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Besides implementing functional, powerful and long-lasting systems, one of our main features is our development of software to be used on our systems that can handle a number of different manufacturing requirements as well as use applications.

Due to the contribution of Eurosoft, an outstanding reality in the Software Engineering world, we have designed, developed and implemented a cutting-edge software that can directly interface with the machine’s numerical control and with SmartManager.

Files of different kinds (.dxf,.dwg, .plt, .nc, .rnc, .dstv, .cf2, .svg, .jpg, .bmp) can be easily imported and positioned by a few clicks as well as previous works can be modified or new ones carried out.

This software features all basic drawing functions: lines, arches, rectangles, eyelets, circles etc. while supporting the most state-of-the-art operations such as beveling, cutting, rounding edges, creating raster, dashed and LGP texts.

The SmartComposer software for laser cutting systems has an innovative method for manual and automatic positioning of lead-ins and is equipped with one of the best nesting on the market.

What’s more, this software handles fiducial markers to align the sheet printed through a camera.

Find out all of SmartComposer functions.

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