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The new Cutlite Penta targets: when commitment is described in numbers

Cutlite Penta starts 2022 with the accomplishment of important productive and technological targets. Notwithstanding the difficulties caused by the international pandemic emergency, the company has made the commitment to guarantee innovation and development by providing the customers with always continually evolved laser machines. The result was an exponential growth of the annual production and revenues, in addition to the introduction of revolutionary technologies for the sector. First of all, the installation in the Cutlite Penta laser systems of a metal cutting power of 30 kW, for the first time in Italy and in Europe. Cutlite Penta has produced in 2021 more than 300 laser systems therefore achieving another production target.

Numbers of the industrial group since 2016 up to the present date

The Cutlite Penta targets were added to those of the  industrial division of the El.En group to which the company belongs since 2013 (the birth year of the industrial division of the El.En. group that encompasses China – Italy – Brazil – France).

Reliability and innovation has led from 2016 to 2020 to an almost threefold annual revenue (63 million – 150 million Euro). 2021 has surpassed all expectations by exceeding the previous target already in the first six months and closing with a 280 million annual revenue. These are numbers that make us very proud because they demonstrate the efficiency of an avant guard reality that faces an always larger world market. The objective for 2022 is to pursue this growth with commitment and determination, an evolution to which Cutlite Penta will continue to give its contribution.

Cutlite Penta Italy: the leaders in the laser cutting of metal, plastic and dies

Economic targets always follow the results of the technical and design quality of the laser systems produced. In addition to being the first company in Europe to reach a metal cutting power of 30kW, Cutlite Penta became in 2021 the world leader in die cutting systems. A sector where efficiency, precision and the customisation of the laser machines surely make the difference. A leadership position was also reached in the plastic cutting with CO2 laser built internally and capable of cutting also high thickness. Our Research and Development department is constantly pursuing in the creation of the most elaborated systems and technologies, exclusively conceived and produced in the company. The internal control of all phases, from the conception up to the final testing, also assures the manufacturing of tailored systems and customised configurations for any productive requirement.

Find in the site all the Cutlite Penta laser systems for cutting metal, plastic and dies.

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