Cutlite Penta amazes Chicago with the 30kW Bevel

FABTECH 2023, an international trade show for the metal forming, fabrication, welding, and finishing industries, came to a close in Chicago on 14 September. Four intense days during which over 1900 companies showcased the most important innovations for the metal industry.

Among these, our 30kW metal cutting laser machine with Bevel head truly wowed attendees, attracting more than 1000 visitors to our stand. The superior cutting quality and outstanding performance in terms of speed and flexibility ensured the extraordinary success of the Bevel head, which even caught our competitors’ attention.

Tra queste, la nostra macchina laser per il taglio metallo 30kW con testa Bevel ha sbalordito i presenti attirando oltre 1000 visitatori presso il nostro stand. L’altissima qualità di taglio e le prestazioni eccezionali per rapidità e flessibilità garantite dalla testa Bevel hanno ottenuto un successo straordinario destando l’interesse anche dei competitor.

Cutlite Penta is the first company able to support the Bevel cutting head, exploiting a full 30 kW of power in machining. A genuine revolution for companies operating in this industry looking to secure production efficiency and unique competitiveness in the market.

The success has amply repaid the hard work invested to reach this remarkable technological milestone. In the future, we aim to continue designing and building even higher-performing fibre laser systems to satisfy our clients’ needs. A commitment we strive to fulfil every day, thinking outside the box and identifying increasingly innovative and remarkable solutions for a continuously evolving market.

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