Cutlite Penta conquers Milan: the rundown on LAMIERA2023

Cutlite Penta laser systems were a remarkable hit at LAMIERA2023, which took place from 10 to 13 May at FieraMilano Rho. The world’s most important event dedicated to sheet metal drew around 400 Italian and foreign companies from an impressive 22 countries. Cutlite Penta presented its machines for ultra-high-power fibre laser cutting even on very thick materials, winning over all its guests.

During the 4-day event, our stand welcomed over 500 visitors who came to see for themselves the superior performance of Cutlite laser systems. The precision, speed and extraordinary efficiency with which metal could be cut using up to 30 kW of power, amazed all those who attended.

Cutlite Penta high-power laser systems are the result of in-house design and development, using proprietary technology and constant application to achieve increasingly state-of-the-art performance.

Cutlite Penta pioneered the development of laser cutting machines in Italy and Europe that could effectively handle 30 kW of machining power. The further innovation of the Bevel cutting head has enhanced the laser systems, making them even more flexible and high-performing, perfect for laser cutting at an angle. 

The event was an important opportunity to assess the current status of industry technology and demonstrate the potential of our innovations, thus contributing to the evolution of industrial processing and business productivity. The success enjoyed makes us proud of the work done thus far, but above all inspires us to continue developing solutions capable of revolutionising the industry.

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