Fiber laser cutting at 50 kW: it’s now a reality

The new Cutlite Penta laser system has achieved remarkable success at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. The first 50 kW metal laser cutting machine, showcased from November 7 to 10, 2023, left everyone in awe.
The new fiber laser system surprised everyone with its outstanding performance, delivering high-power cuts and impeccable processing quality. The overall interest in the machine remained high throughout the event.
The Cutlite Penta fiber laser system is the first in Europe to reach a power of 50 kW. We take pride in introducing this innovative technology, which we are confident will contribute to enhancing the productivity of businesses in the industry.
At the conclusion of the Stuttgart event, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who visited us, from customers to competitors, for the opportunity to witness the capabilities of the new laser system.
Our goal is to provide increasingly advanced and cutting-edge solutions for metal laser cutting, dedicating ourselves every day to delivering the best. A special thanks goes to IPG Laser for giving us a worldwide preview of their brand-new 50 kW.

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