Trade fairs 2022: a year of events and satisfaction

While awaiting for the new 2023 events for the metal sector, we draw an entirely positive balance of the numerous 2022 trade fairs in which Cutlite Penta participated. We are proud to have taken part in these editions so full of news and challenges for the future and we want to thank all those who have given us these opportunities. In particular:

  • SamuMetal 2022 – 31 March/2 April in Pordenone
    With 686 exhibitors, 15% of them from abroad.
  • MIS 2022 – 5/8 April in Celje
    With over 700 exhibitors from 30 different countries.
  • Lamiera 2022 – 18/21 May in Milan
    With over 365 companies and 19,000 visitors.
  • BIEMH 2022 – 13/17 June in Bilbao
    With 669 companies from 22 countries worldwide.
  • Wire & Tube 2022 – 20/24 June in Dusseldorf
    With 1,900 exhibitors from 50 different countries in which we participated for the first time, with our Fiber Tube.
  • MSV 2022 – 4/7 October in Brno
    With 1,600 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors from 60 countries.
  • Euroblech 2022 – 25/28 October in Hannover
    With over 1,300 companies and 30,000 visitors from 39 countries.
  • Fabtech 2022 – 8/10 November in Atlanta
    With over 30,000 visitors from 70 countries and from all over the United States.

Very high power and vertical laser cutting even on great thicknesses

For the first time, Cutlite Penta had the opportunity to present at various events the 30kW fiber laser cutting technology even on great thicknesses. An absolute innovation that has been a huge success both in Europe and in America, because so far its results have been otherwise unattainable. Cutlite Penta laser systems can guarantee this type of processing thanks to the EVO 3 cutting head, developed in-house. The only one among the very high power laser cutting heads that can effectively support 30kW machining even on 20-50 mm thickness with excellent quality of the cutting edges.

Convincing our visitors were also the material savings and the reduced energy consumption that fiber laser cutting makes possible compared to plasma technology. An added value that heralds a future of the sheet metal sector increasingly in the name of laser.

Finally, we had the opportunity of demonstrating how Cutlite laser systems allow a perfectly perpendicular cut even on great thicknesses. Another advantage so far unattained by others that makes it possible to obtain ready-made pieces for the final processing phases, without processing on other machines.

For 2023 we have more valuable news in store that we look forward to presenting in the industry events that await us. From Global Industrie to STOM from Lamiera to Fabtech 2023 Chicago, from International Tech to Innotech just to name a few. Thanks in advance to all those who will come to visit us!


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