How can I choose the most suitable model of machine for cutting die-boards?

The Cutlite Penta rich catalogue allows a wide choice of suitable machines according to their different uses and requirements. We can supply the smallest die-board manufacturer for a limited demand as well as the large-sized die-board manufacturer and the paper industry with its special requirements and sizes. Our range can be broken down as follows:


- Entry level

- Cross Table

- Linear Drives

- Rotary System

What are the Entry Level machines?

Our Entry Level LTF model comes in several sizes starting from 1700x1300 mm so as to meet the folding carton manufacturers’ needs and particularly, in the most common formats for the manufacturing of folding carton and cardboard boxes.

The LTF model is equipped with El.En RF 777 – RF 888 radiofrequency sources (750W - 850W). The two sources are in-house manufactured by EL.EN Group - a leading manufacturer in laser sources – also including Cutlite Penta Srl.

Such types of power allow:

a)     A very limited gas consumption per linear meter cut, thus reducing the impact of costs generated by the purchase of gas bottles and accordingly increasing the profit per linear meter.

b) steady power day by day and long duration due to its auto- refilling system.

c)     No gas bottles’ stocks are required.

d)     Minimum maintenance impact, in that the source is autoregenerative and the only necessary operation is the replacement of the bottle within the source (about 3 bottles a year for the 850W source and 2 bottles a year for the 750W source).

e)     A considerable reduction in the machine footprint that means a lower impact of the machine in the firm in terms of occupied surface.

f)       A progress in the cut of about or lower than a meter per minute allows very high accuracy in the ‘Kerf Cut’ that represents the most important parameter in the die-board’s cut in 2 points.

What are the advantages of an Entry Level purchase?

The advantages of an LTF laser cutting system purchase can be summarized as follows:

1)    Reduced space is required

2)     Suitable for the paper industry

3)     Suitable for small-sized die-board manufacturers

4)     Entry Level price

5)     Suitable for limited production

6)     For folding carton die-boards’ manufacturers

What are the characteristics of a Cross Table model?

Our OF model with fixed optics and cross-axes table is our flagship model.

Powers available range from 1000W to 2500W with speeds in the cut that require high accuracy and seamless repeatability and the OF system can guarantee repeatable speed and accuracy in the cut.

The machine standard version is 2500x1500mm that guarantees a perfect compliance with all versions of the existing die-cutting systems, both for folding carton and corrugated cardboard.

The marking area is 500x500mm, that is about twice the area of the competition.

The OF 2515 model is equipped with ROFIN SINAR SLAB 3 sources with powers from 1000W.

What are the advantages of an OF laser cutting machine?

The OF series is suitable for:

1)     High demand of production

2)      Medium-sized – Large-sized die-board manufacturers

3)     Large-sized paper industry

4)     Possible mounting of a marking head

5)     Manufacturers of folding and corrugated cardboard die-boards

6)     Very high accuracy KerfCut in 2-points die-boards

What are the characteristics of a Linear Drives model?

One of the most appreciated systems has recently been the ‘mixed axes’ solution with linear magnetic motors, the LINEAR model.

Such technology guarantees important accelerations on the X – Y axes that dramatically reduce the impact of downtime in the axes movement in die-board cutting (displacement in rapid mode).

The Y axis is managed through independent movement (moving the cutting head), whereas the X-axis, again independently moves the cutting area.

The choice of a 3000x1700mm cutting area is determined by the fact that many manufacturers of die-boards for corrugated cardboard need to carry out die-boards on large formats or equip the machine with a double birch panel to ‘nest’ cutting and reduce times for loading large-sized panels.

The LINEAR model can be equipped with laser sources with powers from 1000W to 3000W.

What are the advantages of a LINEAR 1730 laser cutting system?

The advantages of a LINEAR 1730 laser cutting system can be summarized as follows:

1)      High production capacity

2)     Medium/Large-sized die-board manufacturers

3)     Large-sized paper industry

4)     Possible marking head’s mounting

5)     Manufacturer of mainly corrugated cardboard

6)     Very rapid axes’ movements on large-format die-boards (corrugated)

Can die-boards be created on a curved surface?

Cutlite Penta has pioneered the development and spread of laser systems for cutting rotary die-boards.

The glorious OFR-P model for cutting die-boards, whose various installations were made at some of the most prestigious manufacturers of die-boards worldwide, has been recently replaced with the breaking through OFRL model.

As a result of years of experience in this sector, the new model stands out for its compact structure and extreme effectiveness.

The entire-cabin and sound-proof OFRL has been specifically designed to comply with the strictest safety regulations, the provisions for fume emissions and noise in the workplace.

The maximum working dimensions are 3000mm in terms of length, the workable diameters are from 176mm to 800mm.

Yet, the actual strength of this model is represented by the array of accessories that makes the rotary die-board cutting

a)     Easy

b)     Accurate

c)     Rapid

The entire process starts with fixing the rotary shell on wood supports on board the machine . At this point, the machine starts cutting with powers depending on the ROFIN SINAR SLAB 3 sources ranging from 2000, 2500 to 3000W, with a high-rate cutting accuracy in 4 points, both continuous and pulsed.

An additional optional device is the milling unit equipped with spindle and with a 3-position tool change that can guarantee the pockets’ milling with milling tips having different shapes; the accuracy depends on an additional driven axis (Z axis) that ensures the right accuracy in thickness.

Furthermore, a galvanometer marking head, able to rapidly impress the most sensitive information of the rotary die-board, is included within the wide range of this model’s possible applications that make it the latest automated technology for cutting rotary die-boards.

The screws are checked before milling as well as the material thickness before cutting.

Can the flat and rotary systems be combined in a single model?

Yes they can, as the OFRL model also comes in the versions combined with both the OF model and the LINEAR model with 2000, 2500 and 3000W sources so as to guarantee the widest range of combinations with the Cutlite Penta products for cutting flat die-boards.

What kind of after-sales service is delivered?

The Cutlite Penta’s Service Department is made up of a highly qualified team with a sound expertise in the die-boards’ field.

Such service can be broken down into different levels as follows:

1)     Phone support by means of a 24/7 direct line.

E-mail messages along with the phone support aim to define the first approach to the problem found out by the customer and most of these problems can be sorted out at this level of intervention.

2)     Remote Access through which a screening and a check are made on the various parts subject to analysis.

75% of cases are solved through these two means of contact and control.

3)     In case of more serious issues that cannot be solved through the first two tools, a technician will be ready to operate on site so as to minimize any possible downtime or the problem found out.

Is the Cutlite Penta’s laser cutting system for die-boards reliable and guaranteed?

Cutlite Penta is a part of the El.En SPA group.

It counts 60 employees and a part of them is constantly committed to research and development.

Cutlite Penta boasts a twenty five-year-old experience in laser manufacturing and service for die-boards with a fleet of machines installed of about 600 units, that make Cutlite Penta an undisputed leader in this sector.

The company is a member of the ESU-EDA (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Die-boards) as well as of the ESU EUROPE (European Association of Manufacturers of Die-boards) and of the prestigious IADD (International Association of Manufacturers of Die-boards and Paper Industry).

Furthermore, it regularly participates in and exhibits at the two most significant fairs in this sector.

ESU Technology Forum (Biennial)


Can wordings or symbols be realized directly on the die-board?

Sure, another strength of our manufacturing lies in the ability to house a galvanometer marking head that allows marking all information concerning the die-board itself in a few seconds, thus saving valuable time in manufacturing.

Can a laser cutting system for die-boards cut metal?

Yes, a capacitive head can be mounted for metal cutting; it completes the array of optional elements of our series thus offering a wide range of customized products.IE-BOARDS