Why mount linear motors?

Because planned maintenance is not required, the level of precision specified upon purchasing the machine is the same for all its life cycle and redesigning of machines is necessary to comply with the speed and acceleration required by the continuous increase of the powers related to the fiber sources.

What kind of head is mounted on the machine?

Our cutting head is auto-focusing and entirely designed and developed in our company including both the process sensors and the hardware. This allows our complete control of the cutting technology.

How is the Technical Service organized?

All of our machines are equipped with a free remote service system which allows our service department to remotely sort out little parametrization problems as well as surely identify any possible more serious problems in order to be able to operate as necessary.

What kind of numerical control are you equipped with?

Our numerical control is supplied by an esteemed manufacturer (D.Electron) which rapidly and skillfully develops many of the solutions we require, also including the troubleshooting related to any possible bugs found in the updating procedures and it normally takes a very short time.

What are the dimensions of your machines’ working area?

We currently have two lines of Fiber machines: 
- 3015 (effective dimensions 3080x1550 mm) 
- 4020 (effective dimensions 4050x2035 mm)
- 6020 (effective dimensions 6050X2050 mm) 
- 6025 (effective dimensions 6050x2550 mm) 
- 8020 (effective dimensions 8050x2550 mm) 
The Fiber Plus line is provided with the automatic pallet change 
- 1010 (effective dimensions 1050x1050 mm) 
- 1515 (effective dimensions 1550x1550 mm) 
- 2010 (effective dimensions 2050x1050 mm) 
- 3015 (effective dimensions 3050x1550 mm)

What kind of axes position’s reading is used?

The measurement feedback is carried out by means of high-resolution inductive lines that use an absolute encoder. Upon its starting, the machine does not need to operate the zero axis (home position) and it is immediately ready to be used.

What are the Fiber sources used? What is the maximum power?

The Fiber sources used are IPG, and the powers range from 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W to 12.000W.

Is the machine’s planned maintenance required?

No it isn’t. As for the maintenance of our machines for cutting plates, they have a system of automatic cleaning for linear motors and the slip bands.

How long does the machine’s installation take?

It takes 2 days for installation and 3 days for training.

Does the structure of the working table change depending on the laser power increase?

Yes it does, beyond 6KW additional protections are applied to the cutting table.

How is the materials’ parametrization managed?

The machine is equipped with a DataBase in an .xml format (that can be imported and exported), where the thickness of all workable materials is parametrized. The DataBase can be easily modified, and accordingly new materials and new thicknesses can be entered.