Hardware | Cutting head for plastics

Cutting head for plastics

The CP systems for cutting plastics use a motorized-type cutting head, head working stroke approx. 100 mm, low pressure operation of assisting gas. Low pressure gas management Focal lengths 5”-7.5”, maximum pressure 8 bar, nozzle standoff management

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Fibra head

New cutting head specially designed for fiber laser:  SMART FOCUS: ultrafast (1ms) autofocus system. Used for setting the focal  position during cutting and for ramping the focal position during piercing.  SMART PIERCING: piercing process control with double sensors, with  ultrafast (microseconds range) feedback reaction on the laser power.  Unsurpassed piercing speed and reliability on all materials.  DOUBLE PROTECTIVE GLASS: the focusing lens is protected by two protective glasses, one from bottom and one from top, in order to guarantee  the maximum cleanliness even during maintenance.  TOTALLY SEALED LENS DRAWER: the lens has no mechanical  regulation and is therefore completely sealed, unlike other commercial  focusing heads.  DOUBLE DURATION OF PROTECTIVE GLASS: the protective glass is  positioned at a bigger distance from the material: on average Penta Fiber  head has double duration of the glass compared to commercial cutting heads.

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Cutting Head

Cutting head

A cutting head that works axially, a foot-plate that always ensures the right focusing of the cutting head on the material to be worked, by compensating for any material thickness differences

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Hardware | Capacitive head

Capacitive head

The CP systems use a self-focusing cutting head with contactless capacitive sensor. The head itself and the focusing lenses can be used up to a pressure of 20 bar. The assisting gas is automatically selected from 3 different connectable gases: air, nitrogen and oxygen whose assisting pressures are determined automatically on the basis of cutting parameters and materials. The head is fitted with an extractable drawer for quick focal changeover. Built-in contactless capacitive sensor, High pressure gas management, Drawer for quick focal changeover, All connections on top, Contact and impact error management, Focal lengths 5”-7.5”, maximum pressure 20 bar, nozzle standoff management.

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Hardware | Galvo head

Galvo head

Galvo head: it is used to carry out logos, codes, etc., on the surface, in such a way as to report identification information of the product being worked.

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Hardware | Fast Mark

Fast Mark

The Fiber Plus system + Fast Mark satisfies the increasingly frequent market’s request to mark logos and codes directly on the material to be cut. The marking operation takes place without removing the material from the cutting table, eliminating the dead times of repositioning and facilitating the identification of the pieces to be collected on the cutting table by the operator. The marking is effected by the galvanometric head and it takes place in a few seconds in all the workable materials with a fiber head (mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.).

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Hardware | Foot-plate


The foot-plate system is equipped with an electronic sensor that can detect any differences in thickness or deformation of the wood sheet, thus preventing contact with the material being cut (and avoiding uneven cuts at different points).

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Hardware | Milling Unit

Milling Tool

Milling unit: equipped with automatic toll change, drawn rom a 3-position warehouse (up to a maximum of 6 on request). The system also includes a metal screw detector for screws that fix the die-board to the wood support, so as to avoid contact between the screw and the milling tool. Accuracy of the milling depth is also guaranteed by the presence of a foot-place of the material being worked, which always ensures the right position of the cutting head by compensating for any material thickness differences.

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Hardware | Metal screw detector

​Metal screw detector

Metal screw detector, for screw that fix the die-board to the wood supports, so as to avoid contact between screw and the milling tool. Installed on the cutting head.

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Hardware | Camera

​Camera Vision system (CCD camera)

Camera Vision system (CCD camera) for recognition of positional references (fiducial marks) for automatic position correction (offset and rotation) on the workpiece.

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Hardware | Camera


Vision system (CCD camera) for recognition of positional references (fiducial marks) for automatic position correction (offset and rotation) on the workpiece.

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Hardware | Pallet change

Pallet change

This option allows the optimization of machining times, virtually eliminating loading and unloading times.  In addition, thick sheets can be loaded without any risk of damage to the main structure.

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Hardware | Manual extractable table

Manual extractable table

Manual extractable table for loading/unloading the materials to be machined

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Hardware | Blowers


Compressed air system to prevent accidental flame formation from the cutting of plastics

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Suction plate

The suction plate removes exhaust gas emissions exactly when they occur - above and below the kerf.

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L’opzione “Pinze” è stata progettata per consentire un posizionamento del pannello di legno veloce e sicuro, evitando qualsiasi errore; consente di ospitare diversi spessori senza modifiche manuali. Situato su assi X e Y con più unità pneumatiche con opzione è stato progettato pensando alle principali dimensioni comuni su cartone piegato e ondulato.

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Sistema di fissaggio guscio

Il “sistema di montaggio rotativo Off-Line” consente di preparare facilmente e velocemente il guscio rotante successivo aumentando i tempi di produzione e riducendo drasticamente i tempi di fermo dovuti all’avvitamento delle flange sui gusci rotanti. Un bloccaggio pneumatico supporta l’operatore bloccando il guscio sopra le flange in un modo molto preciso, quindi un puntatore laser multiplo intuitivo consente di recuperare la posizione esatta in cui la vite metallica deve essere inserita. Un must
per ogni produttore di stampi rotativi

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Dispositivo laser luminoso

Dispositivo luminoso laser per il posizionamento delle viti di fissaggio su fustella curva in fase di premontaggio esterno al sistema di taglio.

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Testa Standard

Testa di Taglio modello motorizzato autofocus con palpatore, corsa utile della testa 50 mm circa funzionamento in bassa pressione del gas di copertura. Completa di n. 1 lente di focalizzazione.

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