Interview with Luca Sbolci, CEO of Cutlite Penta Brazil

Cutlite’s business is the result of a networking of competencies, technologies and entrepreneurial drive that has expanded from Italy to a global level. Today, our interview features Luca Sbolci, experienced CEO of Cutlite Do Brasil, who has been contributing to the company’s expansion and development for over twenty years. This is what he said:

How long have you been working at Cutlite?

I joined the company in 2000.

What does it mean to be CEO at Cutlite? People can turn to you for…

I am always happy to make my industry know-how available to those seeking solutions and business related to laser system development, application or commercial strategy.

What are the values that matter most to you in your job?

Loyalty, Transparency, Objectivity, Partnership, Development, Sharing, Tenacity and Drive.

Why should customers choose Cutlite Penta?

Because we provide guaranteed success for systems of the highest quality and outstanding added value, the result of years of painstaking research and with a long-standing global history at the core of metal-related industry.

Our systems, our company, and our services have been adopted by a market that has today renewed its trust in us, as evidenced by the tremendous success and growth that has led us to reach significant milestones in recent years. This has allowed us to meet the demands of the same market that was looking for concrete answers from laser technology, not least through new pre- and after-sales services.

How has Cutlite established itself in the market?

We have responded promptly and in a professional manner to customer demand, providing the certainty and consistency of reliable technology, with performance that fully meets high productivity requirements, as well as the quality of an exemplary product. 

In doing so, we have achieved results that up to now had only been unfulfilled pledges by the competition of the big players in the market. Indeed, we have replaced and are replacing major international brands that had accustomed the market to business procedures and performance that are now outdated by the demands of new industrial models.


Welcome to Cutlite Penta Brazil

Luca Sbolci
CEO Cutlite Brazil


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