Fiber HD

Cutting system for large formats


30 kW

Working area up to

24000×3000 mm

The adaptable model for every application

FIBER HD combines the practicality and simplicity of large format cutting systems with the power of fiber laser technology up to 30kW. The enclosed booth around the cutting head allows for high-level performance with a minimised overall footprint, bringing the speed and efficiency of the fiber laser to industrial sectors previously dominated by plasma or CO2 cutting. In addition to the wide range of applications, there is also the versatility of the options, such as the 6-position drilling turret.
Made in Tuscany, FIBER HD is the pinnacle of Made in Italy innovation. The combination of experience and passion with a high-quality production chain is reflected in the choice of materials such as aluminium, used in the structure of the gantry and energy chains, in the manufacturing quality and in the focus on the practicality and operability of the system.


EVO 3 Head

The Evo 3 cutting head is equipped with a capacitive sensor. FHD system use the Evo 3 autofocus cutting head, which was designed exclusively by our R&D department and manufactured using Cutlite Penta high-precision mechanical engineering, and is equipped with a contact-free capacitive sensor.
The head itself and the focusing lenses can be used with up to 50 kW laser power and a pressure of 25 bar.

Bevel Head

The head designed by Cutlite Penta allows these processes to be carried out without compromising the classic flat cut.
The head, which is innovative in its engineering, takes up very little space, it is light and uses the same bases as the flat machines without compromising on any of its technological features. It can also rotate ±45° in both cutting directions.

Laser Sources

Since the development of the EVO series, the checks that Cutlite Penta performs on its cutting head, from design to manufacture, have established its reputation for performance, reliability and versatility, attracting the attention of leading manufacturers of fibre laser cutting sources, with whom it has developed a long-term reciprocal partnerships over time, thus ensuring flexibility and diversity in its market offering.

Mechanical design

The robust steel structure, extended along the X-axis, facilitates the loading and unloading process through the use of a forklift or overhead crane. The enclosed booth precisely follows the cutting operation, moving on double prismatic guides. Sealed aluminium energy chains enclose pipes and cables directed towards the head, to prevent sparks and external bodies from entering. The total footprint is therefore close to the size of the worktop.
The movement is entrusted to ground racks and pinions, made with very high precision tolerances, which guarantee a smooth and precise movement. In combination, the brushless motor offers high energy efficiency, reliable performance and durability.

A highly accurate, stable and efficient system

Product completely Made in Italy

The movement is entrusted to ground racks and pinions

Hardware Solutions


The inclusion of the HT series revolving turrets with 6 positions makes the fibre laser cutting system even more flexible, increasing the mechanical machining options, such as drilling, countersinking, thread-cutting and filing, which can be performed directly on workpieces on the machine.

Bevel Head

Bevel cutting head is also available for the FiberHD model up to +/-45°.


Simple and intuitive cutting-edge front-end software, designed to guarantee the highest level of versatility and customisation.
Laser cutting has never been so easy.

Smart Manager 6

The exclusively in-house designed control software has been evolving in line with market and customer demands for many years.
Smart Manager 6 has been specifically developed to fully exploit the potential of the latest generation of cutting systems and guarantee optimum performance of all Cutlite Penta products.

Smart Composer

Cutlite Penta’s revolutionary new  software interfaces seamlessly with the machine’s numerical control and smart manager front-end software.


Technical Features

40204000 x 2000 mm
60206000 x 2000 mm
60256000 x 2500 mm
60306000 x 3000 mm
80258000 x 2500 mm
80308000 x 3000 mm
1202512000 x 2500 mm
1203012000 x 3000 mm
1602516000 x 2500 mm
1603016000 x 3000 mm
1802518000 x 2500 mm
1803018000 x 3000 mm
2402524000 x 2500 mm
2403024000 x 3000 mm
2.000 W
3.000 W
4.000 W
6.000 W
8.000 W
12.000 W
15.000 W
20.000 W
30.000 W

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