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Laser machine LTFP

The LTFP represents the state of the art technology of Flat Bed laser; stable, accurate, easy to use, customizable with a wide array of options; these are just few of the key-points of this model.

This model has been designed and conceived for modern dieshops who needs a compact versatile laser.
The Optical Path is very short and compact with just one deflection mirror (pressurized and liquid cooled) which make this machine unsurpassed in terms of accuracy and maintenance. The magnetic linear drives on X axis allow to reach high
acceleration on rapid axes displacement.

This model is equipped with Rofin Sinar SLAB3 resonator, a unique Magnetic Crash Protection on the cutting head; the largest marking tool available in the market and much more.
No matter if focus is on folding or corrugated cardboard, LTFP is always the right choice with two different table sizes available and a wide catalogue of options who can make this laser fully customized on different production needs.

Dieboard cutting with LTFP


  • Footprint: compact and efficient
  • Full of technology: linear drives, Process sensors, Magnetic Crash Protec
  • Customizable: wide array of options available
  • Easy and fast installation: in one day the machine is ready to start the production
  • Software in-house designed and integrated on-board

Technical features

Laser power (Watt)  1000 (Rofin Sinar)  1500 (Rofin Sinar)  2000 (Rofin Sinar)  2500 (Rofin Sinar)  3000 (Rofin Sinar)
Working area  2515 (2550 x 1550 mm)
Z Axes 120 mm
Speed 40 m/min
Acceleration 4000 mm/sec2

software solutions for LTFP

Smart Cad

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Smart Camera

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Smart Iso

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hardware solutions for LTFP

Copper pins

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CP Load plus

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CP Touch

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CP Scan (Galvo head)

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CP Push

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​Camera Vision system (CCD camera)

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CP Eye (Camera)

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CP Steel (Capacitive head)

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CP Clamps

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