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Laser machine LTS CP

To achieve high dynamic the LTS CP system uses for the X axis handling a direct drive torque motor with hollow shaft stiffly coupled to a rotating nut ball. The linear motors movement in the Y axis enhances the dynamic performance in raster processing. Despite its small size, the machine can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the PLUS series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.

Cutting plexiglass with LTS CP


  • Linear motors latest generation
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • El.En. Laser CO2
  • CNC New generation real time
  • Smart Manager 5
  • Easy and fast installation

Technical features

Laser power (Watt) RF 333 (350W )  RF 555 (550W) RF 777 (750W) – RF 888 (850W) RF 899 (850W) RF 1222 (1200W)
Working area 1513(1550×1230 mm) 2413 (2450×1250 mm) 2015 (2050×1550 mm) 3020 (3050×2050 mm)
Speed up to 140m/min (5500 inch/min)
Acceleration up to 25 m/s² (2,5 g)

software solutions for LTS CP

Smart Cad

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Smart composer

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Smart Camera

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Smart Raster

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Smart LGP

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hardware solutions for LTS CP

Cutting head for plastics

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CP Steel (Capacitive head)

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Suction plate

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​Camera Vision system (CCD camera)

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CP Scan (Galvo head)

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