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Plastic cutting

Laser solutions for all plastic cutting needs

Well-built, dependable and fast: you can count on our laser systems for plastic materials’ processing during the heaviest production cycles. Our technology based on linear motors, easy access to the working area and a dedicated software can guarantee the highest productivity and flexibility in the manufacturing process. Our systems will allow you to cut PMMA sheets and other acrylic materials, carry out cuts, surface and bas-relief marking as well as 3D cutting operations. Furthermore, back-lighted panels can be created and switching from plastic to metal cutting does not require any hardware change.

Laser technology creates, with extreme ease, products that result from the use of machines designed and manufactured with great care. Cutlite Penta laser systems perform, on non-metallic materials, cutting of particular objects with a complex and extremely detailed profile, which is impossible to be obtained with cutting tools used in traditional processing methods.


One page would not be enough to list the advantages of laser processing of plastic materials:

  • Excellent quality Radio-Frequency CO2 laser sources of the El.En. group
  • Very low gas consumption costs and laser source maintenance
  • Extraordinary cutting quality
  • Proprietary, user-friendly and intuitive CNC and front-end software
  • Possible processing of image files and creation of light panels
  • Optional installation of capacitive head for cutting of low metal thickness
  • Possible cutting of laminated wood, plywood or fine wood
  • Installation of the machine by the customer in 2 days only

Find out the laser system for plastic cutting that best meets your needs.

Find out other types of laser cutting we can offer:

Die-board cutting

Due to engineered optics and the most sought-after laser sources, our machines allow to obtain clean, precise and regular cuts.

Tube cutting

Flexibility and precision are the keywords underlying the design of Cutlite Penta’s five-axis cutting systems.

Metal cutting

20 KW of fiber laser source and a new specially designed laser cutting Evo 2 Fiber Head, to carry out the heaviest operations.

Special applications

Take advantage of Cutlite Penta’s best technology. We supply OEM solutions that can be integrated in existing or new industrial systems.

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