Laser Machines

Special Applications

Laser systems for special applications

Take advantage of Cutlite Penta’s best technology. We supply OEM solutions that can be integrated in existing or new industrial systems. The devices we provide include galvanometer scanning units, cutting heads, CO2 laser sources. Our engineered know-how, developed over time through hundreds of applications and independent research on materials is now available for your special solutions.

Find out other types of laser cutting we can offer:

Plastic cutting

Sturdy, reliable and fast machines: laser cutting machines for plastic materials are at your side in the most difficult production cycles.

Die-board cutting

Due to engineered optics and the most sought-after laser sources, our machines allow to obtain clean, precise and regular cuts.

Tube cutting

Flexibility and precision are the keywords underlying the design of Cutlite Penta’s five-axis cutting systems.

Metal cutting

20 KW of fiber laser source and a new specially designed laser cutting Evo 2 Fiber Head, to carry out the heaviest operations.

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution for your company

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