Fiber Plus

FIBER PLUS combine high performance, great structural stiffness and high efficiency. The linear motors technology enables high dynamic (≤2.5G), allowing high productivity even on extremely complex geometries.

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Fiber LME

The new LME fiber cutting system is now included within the Cutlite Penta range of products: it was specifically designed to meet the needs of the fashion accessories world that has long required small-sized machines with speed and accuracy performances of excellence.

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Fiber Bevel

Bevel cutting is the process of cutting a part with an edge that is not perpendicular  to the top of the piece. It aims to increase the surface of the edge for stronger and safer welding. 

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CO2 laser cutting is now one of the most appreciated processes in many industrial sectors, thanks to the excellent results that can be obtained.


Cutlite Penta systems are specialized in applications on metal and plastic materials and in die and cut and 2D cutting operations.


Plastic cutting

Sturdy, reliable and fast machines: laser cutting machines for plastic materials are at your side in the most difficult production cycles.

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Die making

Accuracy is the key requirement indie-boards cutting. Curves and lines:each marking and engraving shouldallow the blade to perfectly matchthe material.

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3D Cut

Flexibility and precision are the keywords underlying the design of Cutlite Penta’s five-axis cutting systems.

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Special Application

Take advantage of Cutlite Penta’s best technology. We supply OEM solutions that can be integrated in existing or new industrial systems. 

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