Laser cutting systems for metal, plastic and wood materials

The Cutlite Penta laser machines use very high-power laser sources, the ideal solution for metal, plastic and wood cutting.

The high technology performed in developing laser systems, ranging from the fine cutting head to front-end software, makes our laser machines extraordinarily competitive.

Compared with other processing systems, laser cutting guarantees extremely neat and accurate edges, with no finishing required. Furthermore, the laser machines stand out for processing speed and very low consumption, in favor of productivity and low environmental impact.

What are the most suitable materials for laser cutting?

Laser technology perfectly suits to processing of a wide array of materials. The Cutlite Penta laser machines are particularly recommended for laser cutting of metal, plastics and wood. For metal laser cutting, we have developed machines with high-power fiber laser sources. This way, we can guarantee the highest performance even in case of 35 to 40 mm thickness, thanks to technology specifically developed for thin sheet metal processing.
That is a unique goal, as it extends laser processing horizons in favor of quality and manufacturing speed. The extraordinary versatility and user-friendliness of our laser systems make them the ideal tool to streamline manufacturing rhythms even in very high-precision processing.


Metal materials

Fiber laser machines up to 20-kW power with maximum cutting quality for carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized sheet, zinc and bronze.

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Plastic materials

Very high-precision and speed CO2 laser systems for laser cutting of PMMA, PET, PETG, shockproof, polycarbonate materials.

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Wood materials

High-performance laser machines for laser cutting of plywood, fine wood, laminated wood and painted wood.

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Plastic cutting systems

Find out the new Plus CP machine, which allows you to create plexiglas separators and other personal protective equipment very quickly.

The machines of the PLUS CP RF series have been projected to obtain the maximum performances and to guarantee an extraordinary cutting quality.
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