Acrylic and plastic materials

High-technology laser systems for cutting of acrylic and plastic materials

Cutlite Penta has a leading position in the market of design, development and manufacturing of CO2 laser machines for cutting of plastic and PMMA acrylic materials, guaranteeing high performance and a completely made-in-Italy quality.
Our machines are solid, reliable and fast, thus guaranteeing processing even in the most heavy-duty manufacturing cycles. The technology based on linear motors, easy access to the working area and dedicated software solutions can guarantee high performance and versatility in processing: you can cut PMMA and other acrylic material plates; it is possible to carry out cutting and engraving of surfaces, bas-relief or 3D engraving. Backlight panels can be created and furthermore, with no hardware changes you can switch from plastic to metal cutting.
Thanks to our machines you can easily process any shape or fine detail requested by your customer.


Macchina laser PLUS CP

Plus CP series machines have been specifically designed to get the highest performance, these machines are the best solution for the laser cutting of PMMA + Acrylic.

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The new CO2 LMP laser cutting system is now part of the Cutlite Penta family. Designed to meet the market demands for small-sized machines with excellent speed and precision performance. The 1515 version can therefore represent the market entry-level system.

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Despite its small size, LTS CP can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the Plus series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.

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Cutting-edge laser sources and high-definition optical system

Due to the expertise and cooperation guaranteed by the El.En. group we can skillfully support our customers with state-of-the-art laser systems equipped with the best components worldwide, including CO2 laser sources and an optical system able to ensure very high-definition cutting and reliability.

In-house realization of every laser cutting machine also allows delivering customized solutions on the basis of specific manufacturing needs. For instance, large-sized laser systems for accurate and fast processing even of wide surfaces.

Why choose Cutlite Penta:

  • Long-term expertise and leadership in the plastic cutting market
  • Proprietary technology and made-in-Italy quality
  • Possible customization based on special needs
  • Compact and fast machines
  • Machine handling by means of linear motors
  • The fastest automatic table change in the market
  • Laser sources with a very high reliability
  • High-definition optical system
  • Versatile and intuitive management software

Advantages of Cutlite Penta CO2 laser systems on acrylic and plastic materials:

  • Excellent quality Radio-Frequency CO2 laser sources of the El.En. group
  • Very low gas consumption costs and laser source maintenance
  • Extraordinary cutting quality
  • Proprietary, user-friendly and intuitive CNC and front-end software
  • Possible processing of image files and creation of light panels
  • Optional installation of capacitive head for cutting of low metal thickness
  • Possible cutting of laminated wood, plywood or fine wood
  • Installation of the machine by the customer in 2 days only

Examples of processing on acrylic and plastic

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs.