Fast and flexible laser systems for plywood cutting for die-boards

Cutlite Penta boasts a leading position in the market of CO2 laser source machines for plywood cutting for die-boards streamlining processing from both a quality and production efficiency viewpoint. Due to the processing high speed and the extraordinary accuracy that does not require any final finishing, it is possible to considerably reduce processing time and costs. That results in high-profile processing, that is versatile and reliable while featuring a wide array of possible customizations. Furthermore, using laser machines implies preventing the generation of waste material, thus eliminating any waste and reducing the environmental impact.



The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite Penta production range for laser-cutting of die-boards for paper industry, since it represents the right solution for cardboard-boxes manufacturing companies (which produce die-boards in house) as well as for die-board manufacturing companies with medium-low production.

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LTF 3015 DUO represents the new start-of-art combo all-in-one laser available in the die-making market. Compact, powerful, modular, this model convinces for its original design and confirms the main successful features of the LTF standard model with the attachment for the rotary part.

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The LTFP represents the state of the art technology of Flat Bed laser; stable, accurate, easy to use, customizable with a wide array of options; these are just few of the key-points of this model.

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The OF  model is the one that has most consolidated its position over the time in the field of working flat elements for use in the paper industry. The machine is made up of a moving table along two axes X and Y , and a fixed head that guarantees cutting regularity over the entire surface to be worked.

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Combo systems can be carried out for workings on flat and rotary die-boards, by using the OF 2515 models for cutting flat die-boards combined with the OFRL Compact model for cutting rotary die-boards.

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The new OFRL  rotary laser cutting system sums up and meets all needs related to the working of curved elements for paper industry use, and thanks to its compact structure it is suitable for environments with narrow spaces.

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Made-in-Italy laser technology for flawless cutting and shaping

All of our laser systems equipped with CO2 sources for cutting of wood and plywood are the result of in-house design and development due to long-term experience of the El.En. group.

The groundbreaking technology of cutting head and foot-plate, that adjusts its correct position even in case of different heights of the material, guarantees excellent results even in shaping. The high performance of the laser sources coupled with a very high-definition optical system allow high-level processing even in the most complex shapes. In addition, we are ready to support our customers with bespoke configurations and special systems for laser cutting of large-sized parts too.

Why choose Cutlite Penta:

  • In-house design and development of every laser system
  • High technology components
  • The most reliable laser sources in the market
  • Very high-precision optical system
  • Bespoke configurations
  • Compact and fast machines
  • Machine handling by means of linear motors
  • Fast, solid and efficient laser machines
  • Versatility and accuracy of the cutting head

Advantages of the Cutlite Penta CO2 laser systems on plywood for die-boards:

  • Excellent quality Radio-Frequency CO2 laser systems
  • Unique cutting accuracy and quality
  • Proprietary, user-friendly and intuitive CNC and front-end software
  • Fast marking to considerably reduce marking time
  • Possible processing of image files
  • Possible installation of capacitive head for cutting of low metal thickness
  • Possible processing of both flat and rotary die-boards through stand-alone systems or combined machines

Examples of processing on wood and plywood

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs.