FIBER TUBE: laser machine for metal tube cutting

As a result of the long-lasting and consolidated CUTLITE’s expertise within the cutting machines’ field, FIBERTUBE represents the future of laser technology applied to metal tube laser cutting.

The FIBERTUBE system consists of an automatic system for the machining of metal tubes that allows getting a finished tubular part, equipped with all cutting treatments required, by a working cycle only.

This approach offers a considerable technological and manufacturing improvement compared with the traditional method. In fact, the latter requires more phases to subsequently obtain cutting, deburring, drilling, facing, indenting and any special NC treatment operations.

On the contrary, FIBERTUBE allows concentrating all treatments in one cycle only, thus guaranteeing speed, quality, accuracy, flexibility and reliability by laser technology.

Advantages of the FIBERTUBE laser cutting system

  • The system automatically allows machining round, square, rectangular section and open edge tubes.
  • It can be used to process iron, mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and copper tubes.
  • Depending on the type of material and surface of the cutting edge, different assisting gases can be used, as the machine can manage several types of them. For instance, oxygen and air are usually used for iron and nitrogen is used for stainless steel.
  • The machine’s CNC manages the performance of all cutting operations included in the program and the unloading of the finished parts.
  • Great flexibility in use and high cutting performances, both in terms of speed and quality, encourage the FIBERTUBE use in a number of industrial sectors.
  • Laser systems turn out to be very advantageous wherever a high cutting quality is required, combined with the possibility to carry out prototypes or small/medium series, as rapidly, easily and cheaply as in case of mass production.
  • The great versatility of the machine that allows treating tubes with different section, material and thickness, without any requirement of expensive specifications, is very popular with companies operating within contract work sectors and in particular within structural works.
  • High productivity and high level of automation are instead very important characteristics for tube manufacturers and/or distributors.
  • The possibility to carry out long and complex treatments in a single cycle are particularly popular with companies within the industrial vehicle and agricultural machine sectors.

These are only some significant examples of the advantages offered by the FIBERTUBE system in sectors for very different uses.

Furthermore, using laser cutting for metal tube processing offers an additional series of advantages:

  • elimination of all deburring operations, as a rule required in case of mechanical cutting;
  • considerable reduction of the overall cycle time, that is the higher such reduction is the more complex the part to be manufactured is;
  • less need of warehouse as the machine to be powered is just one;
  • no equipment or moulds are required;
  • the cutting geometries can be very rapidly changed without designing, developing and assembling stiff and special equipment;
  • reduction in manufacturing costs and times, even in case of smaller batches;
  • reduction in development times for new products due to the very high flexibility of the laser tool combined with the elimination of special equipment;
  • better uniformity of parts combined with shorter time of machine tooling guarantee a better management economy;
  • excellent cutting results;
  • minimization of the part’s strains due to no mechanical actions on the part and reduced dimensions of the laser spot that offers benefits on the matching tolerance in the subsequent assembly operations.


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