The Cutlite Penta Assistance Service is now even more efficient

Cutlite Penta’s Assistance Service offers information and specialised support to its customers. It is a precious resource for those who have purchased or intend to purchase one of the Company’s laser cutting systems and, therefore, can rely on expert and competent interlocutors for any need. The Assistance Service is now even more effective thanks to a new organisation designed to meet discrete customer needs.

Two different centres supporting Cutlite Penta laser products and machines have now replaced the single assistance and information office, and namely:

The Cutlite Penta Technical Support Office

Customers in need of specialised technical assistance on a laser cutting system or who have experienced a problem or a malfunction, can turn to the Cutlite Penta Technical Support Office. The Office can be contacted at the email below in order to receive a prompt reply, or call the telephone number directly to be included in our service database and be called back by one of our qualified and experienced technicians. You can also use these contacts to book routine maintenance services:

Tel.: 0574 874302

Cutlite Penta Customer Care Office

Customers who have after-sales requests regarding orders and spare parts, or want to receive price quotes and cost estimates for any maintenance services can contact the Customer Care Office. Here you can speak with competent and informed staff on every detail regarding after-sales assistance to customers. In this case too, customers can contact the Office by sending an email to the address below, or call:

Tel.: 0574 874343

With two dedicated centres, every request can now be handled more quickly and in the best possible way.

Note: Messages sent to an incorrect address may require longer response times.

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