3D Laser Cutting: The optical fibre laser revolution

The arrival of optical fibre lasers has radically revolutionised the 5-axis or 3D cutting industry, on a global scale. This progress is owing to the fact that the optical fibre can be directly connected to the cutting head without the need for reflective mirrors. Unlike more conventional 5-axis CO2 laser systems requiring a series of mirrors to guide the laser beam towards the cutting point, this innovation has greatly simplified the process. Among the many advantages, we could list, for example, greater ease of installation, the elimination of power losses due to the mirrors and much simpler maintenance

Fibre laser cutting for metal machining

Today, fibre laser cutting is widely recognised as a cutting-edge metal machining technology thanks to a powerful laser beam that melts – or vaporises – the material. This laser beam is generated by a highly energy-efficient optical fibre source distinguished by its remarkable durability. Fibre laser cutting is incredibly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. It can also handle simple or complex geometries and materials of varying thickness, thus allowing high-profile, custom machining.

5-axis fibre laser cutting: versatility and precision

5-axis laser cutting represents yet another step forward in fibre laser technology, offering even greater flexibility and precision. 5-axis laser cutting machines are equipped with a work arm able to rotate on five axes, allowing three-dimensional piece cutting with millimetre-level precision. The main benefits of 5-axis laser cutting include:

  • Millimetre-level accuracy: This technology offers extremely high precision, which is crucial for the production of complex parts.
  • Speed: 5-axis laser cutting is remarkably fast, allowing shorter production times and lower costs.
  • Flexibility: Its capacity to adapt to both simple and complex shapes makes this a highly flexible machining technology.

For all these reasons, 5-axis laser cutting is rapidly gaining popularity in a wide range of applications, including the automotive, aviation and medical device manufacturing industries.


Applications of 5-axis fibre laser cutting

The potential of 5-axis laser cutting has been tested for numerous applications, including:
  • Production of components for the automotive, aviation and shipbuilding industries: 5-axis laser cutting allows the production of crucial parts in all these fields.
  • Production of components for medical instruments: extremely high precision allows the manufacture of complex, high-tech medical components.
  • Production of components for the manufacturing industry: 5-axis laser cutting is widely used to produce tool and machine parts in a broad range of fields
  • Production of elements in the marketing industry: to create unique and captivating forms and packaging
  • Production of furniture components and accessories: to create custom and designer furniture

The future of 5-axis fibre laser cutting

5-axis fibre laser cutting is thus a highly adaptable and revolutionary technology offering significant advantages over previous 2- or 3-axis systems. Its capacity to improve machining precision and boost production speed makes this technology increasingly popular across a wide range of industries, securing a sure-fire competitive advantage in terms of the company’s productivity and efficiency. 

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