5 reasons to choose fibre laser cutting for your company

It’s not easy for companies to stay competitive in Industry 4.0. Technological advancement has produced a significant divide between those able to keep up with innovations and others who are still clinging to traditional production systems. Choosing a fibre laser machine for a mechanical engineering company means entering a new era of production by investing in the future and reaping immediate rewards. The ease with which these machines can be integrated into production processes, as well as the long-term savings, more than offset the costs. But the real difference lies in the incredible production efficiency combined with the versatility and quality of cutting-edge fibre laser technology. Here are 5 reasons to invest in fibre laser metal cutting machines.

1. The outstanding performance of fibre laser machines

Fibre laser machines have continuously evolved in recent years. A fibre laser system for metal cutting guarantees more than millimetre-level precision, something otherwise unattainable with technologies such as plasma. Computerised control through CAD/CAM software allows perfect results even for the most complicated geometries. Moreover, unlike waterjet cutting, the fibre laser maintains high precision even on small and complex parts. Thanks to the exceptional cutting quality, the fibre laser leaves the edges smooth and clean without the need for any additional finishing. Another advantage is the cutting speed, far superior to other, less advanced technologies, thus significantly reducing production times. Last but not least, fibre laser systems can reach up to 30 kW of power in the case of Cutlite Penta systems, offering outstanding performance.

2. The sustainability of fibre laser systems for the environment and business

Investing in the future also means choosing sustainability, now a must in the manufacturing industry. Purchasing a fibre laser machine reduces the environmental impact of production in numerous ways. Fibre laser systems are much more energy-efficient than other cutting systems. They require neither water nor the abrasive materials used in Waterjet cutting and consume less than plasma cutting, thus also reducing production costs. Unlike plasma systems, fibre laser cutting generates fewer fumes and the extraordinary precision of laser machines keeps waste material and waste generation to a minimum.

3. A better work environment and easy integration

One important thing a company needs to consider before introducing new technology is the impact it will have on space, production processes and the work environment. In this respect, fibre laser machines can prove to be valuable allies since they can be easily integrated into the production cycle and are designed with automation in mind. In terms of footprint, laser machines normally take up much less space than a Waterjet or plasma system.

4. Maximum competitiveness among the market’s top players

If the aim is to stay competitive in a continuously evolving market, then no other technology guarantees the same benefits offered by a fibre laser. The cutting speed and precision allow faster production without sacrificing excellent quality. However, the versatility of fibre laser machines also enables an unprecedented degree of customisation, meeting the requirements of both mass manufacturing and limited edition runs. Not to mention the fact that fibre laser technology can be adapted to countless types of metals, including brass, aluminium, iron and stainless steel. As such, companies that invest in fibre laser technology can easily accommodate new production needs without having to replace their tools or technologies.

Laser fibra Testa Bevel - Cutlite Penta

5. Affordability and savings, even in the long run

So far, we have seen all the benefits of fibre laser technology in terms of efficiency, versatility and performance. However, this technology also consumes less, which, in turn, also leads to lower operating costs. Since tool changes are no longer required, laser technology also allows more efficient use of human resources. Lastly, the precision of laser cutting avoids pointless material wastage, keeping down the cost of both procurement and waste disposal.

Cutlite Penta fibre laser machines: maximum power and versatility

Cutlite Penta fibre laser systems are the most advanced in Europe in terms of cutting power and technology. The cutting head is designed and manufactured in-house and can manage high powers of up to 30kW. In systems with a Bevel cutting head, the high power can also be used for laser cutting at a slant, with maximum flexibility. The versatility of the machinery is guaranteed by the proprietary technology, including the numerical control and Smart Manager software, in addition to the in-house-developed EVO 3 cutting head. Moreover, all Cutlite Penta laser machine models have linear motors for greater compactness, efficiency and speed. Cutlite laser systems also offer:

  • Maximum performance in terms of quality, power and speed
  • Absolute cutting precision with smooth, well-defined edges
  • Possibility for custom configuration
  • Large-format metal cutting
  • 5-axis systems for 3D laser cutting
  • Dedicated help service for all machines

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