Aluminium laser cutting machines: how to choose the right one

Choosing a laser machine for cutting aluminium entails considerable advantages for the company. High precision machining, maximum versatility, greater efficiency, cost reduction and production speed are some of the reasons that push industries to prefer this technology. Not to mention that laser machining reduces the risk of deforming or altering the properties of aluminium. But how to choose the best machine for aluminium laser cutting among all the ones available on the market?

How to choose the laser machine suitable for aluminium

When it comes to investing in a laser machine, there are several parameters to consider to ensure maximum return even in the long run. In particular, with regard to aluminium laser cutting machines, the criteria on which to base the choice are:

Fibre laser or CO2laser

The first choice to make is the laser technology in which you intend to invest. In the metal cutting sector, the CO2 laser has long been the protagonist for high thickness machining. However, the extraordinary evolution of fibre lasers has led us to prefer this type of cutting for metals, including aluminium, as it is much more efficient and precise.

Laser system power

Laser power is one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing the ideal machine. High cutting power is required on very thick of aluminium. The Cutlite Penta machines, with EVO 3 cutting head that supports powers up to 40,000 W, are in fact also enjoying great success in fibre laser aluminium cutting.

taglio alluminio laser cutlite penta

Cutting speed

Aluminium can also be cut at high speeds. Buying a laser machine that allows you to quickly cut the material will be essential to increase the company’s productivity. The cutting speed depends on the power of the laser and the ability of the machine to maintain the cutting quality at high speeds.

Ease of use

The completeness and ease of use of the software are essential to ensure a practical and flexible use of the laser machine. Before investing in the laser system, it is always best to check that the software allows easy programming and that it has advanced features to offer greater precision and control in processing.

Technology quality

Hardware is also of fundamental importance in terms of frequent and effective use. The laser cutting machine must be equipped with a good cooling system. In addition, the quality of the components and assembly of the machine guarantees less need for maintenance and greater durability and production quality.

Technical support

An aspect that is too often underestimated when purchasing laser systems is the possibility of available and competent technical assistance. Preferring a lower price at the expense of quality care is a serious mistake that leads to increased costs and inconveniences in the long run.

Choose your aluminium laser cutting machine

Cutlite Penta fiber laser machines for laser cutting aluminium are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure impeccable reliability and quality. Proprietary technology and the best performance on the market allow you to cut metals with unbeatable speed, power and quality. Also ideal for cutting large thicknesses of aluminium, Cutlite Penta laser solutions can be configured with 5-axis systems for cutting large sizes. In particular, laser systems for aluminium are divided into:

Linear laser cutting machine

The fiber laser systems with linear motors and Penta EVO 3 cutting head are perfect for cutting conductive and non-conductive metals, such as aluminium, stainless steel, carbon galvanised sheet metal, zinc, copper, bronze and brass.

Laser machine for cutting pipes

For cutting pipes and profiles, Cutlite Penta has fibre laser systems with up to 5 axes that offer very high cutting quality and speed performance, with flexible technology for open or closed profiles.

Laser machine for combo cutting

Among the Cutlite Penta fiber laser machines, flexible systems are available for flat and tubular machining, with automatic passage thanks to the EVO 3 cutting head.

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