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Fiber laser or CO2 laser: which is the best for your company?

Is it worth it to replace a CO2 laser cutting machine with a fiber laser system? From the point of view of performance, the superiority of the fiber laser in terms of quality, power and cutting speed is well known. In addition, fiber laser technology uses a wavelength 10 times shorter than the CO2 laser, ensuring greater accuracy and a higher absorption rate. For this reason, fiber laser cutting has been particularly successful in the processing of steel sheets, stainless steel and reflective metals such as aluminium, copper and brass. But what is the difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser in terms of business costs?

Fiber laser and CO2 laser costs: how do they affect the company’s economy

When buying or replacing a laser machine for your company, it is important to consider the necessary investment not only in terms of the purchase price. The operating and maintenance costs of a machine end up affecting the company’s economy in a much more significant way, considering the desirable duration of the laser machine. How do these costs change depending on the laser cutting technology used? Here are some evaluations that are important when choosing:

Laser machine productivity when time is equivalent

The productivity of a laser cutting machine is an essential factor in determining its operating cost. In particular, the number of pieces produced per unit of time affects the cost per piece of the machine. The power density five times greater of the fiber laser beam compared to the CO2 laser, makes it possible to greatly increase the production speed. That means, in the same unit of time it is possible to triple, quadruple and even quintuple the number of pieces made with fiber laser cutting compared to CO2 laser. All in full respect of the quality of workmanship even in large series because the fiber laser maintains alignment and dimensions of the laser beam.

Electricity consumption and labour costs

The costs for the energy consumption of machinery are today more than ever a decisive aspect when choosing a machine for your company. In the case of a fiber laser cutting system, the energy consumption with the same power is up to five times lower compared to the use of a CO2 laser machine. In general, fiber laser machines consume less energy than CO2 laser machines for two main reasons:

  • fiber lasers are more energy efficient than CO2 lasers. This means that they transform a greater percentage of energy into lasers useful for cutting, rather than dispersing it in the form of heat;
  • fiber lasers require less energy to operate than CO2 lasers. CO2 lasers require more electrical power to produce the same level of laser energy as fiber lasers.

In addition, unlike CO2 lasers, fiber laser cutting machines do not require heating time to reach maximum cutting potential. This reduces downtime during production and makes it possible to optimise the use of dedicated labour.

Maintenance costs and downtime

The consideration of the fixed and variable costs of the laser machine also in the long term naturally includes maintenance and repair interventions. In the case of fiber laser cutting systems, the maintenance costs related to the internal optics are missing, which must be replaced often to maintain the high efficiency of the CO2 laser. In a CO2 cutting machine there are many of them, and they are optics that also have a very high price. Added to this is the cost of vacuum pump maintenance, which is necessary for CO2 laser machines. The savings therefore extend to the elimination of machine downtime that maintenance would have required.

The convenience of fiber laser: the advantages of Cutlite Penta

As we have seen, fiber laser technology is far more cost-effective than CO2 laser when it comes to sheet metal cutting. In the past, the applications of the fiber laser were limited to the thinnest sheets, while the high thicknesses remained the prerogative of the CO2 laser. Today, the Cutlite Penta technology, with power up to 30kW and EVO 3 cutting head designed in-house, makes laser cutting even on sheets 20-50 mm thick possible. In addition, Cutlite Penta machines are characterised by:

  • Increased power performance
  • Impeccable cutting quality even on large thicknesses and perpendicular cutting
  • Technology Made in Italy
  • Possibility of working on large formats
  • Dedicated customer assistance
  • Customised configurations

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