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Industrial automation in laser cutting: transformation, innovation and efficiency

The current industrial world is constantly moving towards new horizons, looking for increasingly efficient, productive and sustainable methods. In this dynamic scenario, industrial automation emerges as the cornerstone of the transformation, offering an effective response to the market’s growing complexity. Companies need to find a way to address the constant challenge of customisation and ever-shorter delivery times, without compromising the quality of their product. In response to these requirements, along with the growing importance of sustainability, innovative and efficient technologies are emerging, such as fibre laser, which guarantee competitiveness and a low environmental impact.

An example of competitive innovation

The fibre optic laser, among the cutting-edge technologies that contribute to improving a company’s productivity and efficiency, has revolutionised the industrial sector. In particular, one of the most significant steps forward in the field of industrial automation has been the introduction of the fibre optic laser for cutting metal. This technology has brought numerous benefits including:

Decrease in human dependency

The industrial automation of laser cutting decreases the dependence on human intervention, thus minimising errors and guaranteeing consistent results. Automated systems can manage intensive work loads continuously, thus ensuring uninterrupted production and a reduction in machine downtime.

Advanced materials management

Automation also extends to the cutting process, including materials management. Automated systems load and unload materials efficiently, reducing idle times between one job and another. The use of collaborative robots improves safety in the workplace which, in turn, allows workers to concentrate on value-added tasks.

Advanced storage systems

Systems such as Cutlite Penta’s automated warehouses for storing sheet metal intervene to increase efficiency. The automatic replacement of the sheet metal for cutting reduces idle time, thus ensuring uninterrupted production with no human intervention required.

Magazzini per Automazione Industriale, Cutlite Penta

Smart palletising solutions

Cutlite Penta is exploring smart solutions for the automatic palletisation of the cut workpieces, thus maximising the overall efficiency of the process.
In conclusion, industrial automation in laser cutting is a significant step forward in the evolution of production. The integration of cutting-edge technology not only increases precision and efficiency but also contributes towards reducing operating costs, by making the company more competitive. In an era focused on digitalisation and efficiency, investing in automation is essential for success in the modern-day industrial panorama.

The evolution of Cutlite Penta for industrial automation

Cutlite Penta is a leading international manufacturer of fibre optic laser metal cutting machinery. The company has pioneered significant changes in the sector, becoming the leader in Italy and Europe for implementing metal cutting with 50kW power on large thicknesses. The EVO cutting head with proprietary technology is fully compatible with this power in all machining jobs. Cutlite Penta fibre laser machines offer top-quality power performances, speed and cutting quality, with linear motors on every model plus the capability to process large formats. Made in Italy proprietary technology, optional custom configurations and dedicated, specialised support complete Cutlite Penta’s exceptional profile.

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