Which metals can be laser cut?

Metal laser cutting systems are the ideal solution for increasing business efficiency, reducing production times/costs and increasing the quality of workmanship. Laser technology has made it possible to revolutionise the sheet metal and tube cutting sector, both for the speed of processing and for the versatility of the applications. In addition, the laser increases safety in the workplace and avoids material waste thanks to extremely precise processing due to the absence of contact.

What materials can be laser cut?

The laser machines on the market are designed to process a wide and varied range of materials, from metal to wood, from plastic to fabric. In the case of laser cutting of metals, the applications are many, both in the sheet metal industry and in the automotive industry and in the production of household appliances. The introduction of the fiber laser compared to the use of the CO2 laser has made it possible to include even more delicate metals in the list of workable materials.

Which metals can the fiber laser cut?

With a fiber optic laser beam, the maximum cutting power is concentrated in an infinitesimal diameter the size of a hair. Compared to gas laser sources, such as CO2, the fiber laser has a wavelength 10 times lower, about 1μm, which allows it to be better absorbed by the material. For this reason, a fiber laser machine can also cut metals such as copper and brass, which are not suitable for cutting with CO2 lasers. Among the metals indicated for fiber laser cutting include:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium

Why use fiber laser cutting for metals?

Laser systems for metal cutting guarantee high speed and power performance. The fiber laser also allows a yield about 10 times higher when compared to the CO2 laser. The low environmental impact and the impeccable quality of the workmanship offer equally indispensable advantages for companies. In sectors increasingly pressed by customisation needs and tight deadlines, the acquisition of a laser metal cutting machine really makes the difference. Among the advantages for the company:

  • Production times halved
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of warehousing costs
  • Very high cutting quality
  • High levels of customisation

Efficiency and versatility are combined with the valuable advantage of working without having to constantly change the tool and without mechanical contact with the material. This increases the safety for the operator who presides over the processing and the safety of the material itself, avoiding the risk of damage. The result is a more efficient and safe working environment and a reduction in waste that benefits the environment and the warehousing economy.

Why choose Cutlite Penta for metal laser cutting?

Cutlite Penta is the reference company of the El.En group for laser cutting of sheet metal and tubes. Cutlite laser systems are designed and manufactured internally with proprietary software and full control of the production cycle. The internal production allows us to satisfy customer requests with customised systems and dedicated assistance. In addition, Cutlite Penta is the first company in Italy and Europe to have developed a laser cutting head capable of supporting cutting powers up to 30 kW. Investing in a Cutlite laser system means making use of:

  • Impeccable cutting quality
  • Linear motor handling
  • Power up to 30 kW
  • Cutting on thicknesses up to 50mm
  • Solutions also for cutting on very large pieces
  • Customised configurations
  • Dedicated customer assistance

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