Architecture and Interior Design

Laser systems for Architecture: versatility and high accuracy

Style and functionality are essential qualities in the architecture sector where the Cutlite Penta laser machine technology perfectly meets these requirements.
Very high-accuracy processing, due to the use of a high-definition optical system and a wide motion of the cutting head in 3 dimensions, combined with a unique operational efficiency through the design and realization of real-time models allow obtaining extremely accurate results in a very short time.
The versatility typical of the Cutlite Penta laser machines, able to rapidly cut and engrave several kinds of materials, from wood to plastics up to metals, allows a number of applications thus meeting the special requirements of every project.
Finally, the reduced use of power and no material waste make laser technology a green alternative to other types of processing.


Fiber Plus

Fiber Plus combine high performance, great structural stiffness and high efficiency.The linear motors technology enables high dynamic (≤2.5G), allowing high productivity even on extremely complex geometries. The high-performance of Fiber Plus comes from the completely new design around the fiber laser, not merely adjusting the existing machines designed for CO2 laser.

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Macchina laser Fiber Plus

Laser Machine Fiber LME

The new LME fiber cutting system is now included within the Cutlite Penta range of products: it was specifically designed to meet the needs of the fashion accessories world that has long required small-sized machines with speed and accuracy performances of excellence.

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Macchina laser PLUS CP

Plus CP series machines have been specifically designed to get the highest performance, these machines are the best solution for the laser cutting of PMMA + Acrylic.

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Unique and functional processing: laser machines for interior design

Among the sectors featuring uniqueness and customization as key factors, interior design certainly stands out. In manufacturing destined for interior design, the laser machines are precious allies to rapidly obtain complex and extremely original processing.

Both in the realization of furnishing objects and accessories and in the cutting and engraving of wallpaper, laser technology guarantees exclusive and high-profile results. The possibility to cut and shape wood and plastics without any necessary second processing makes the laser systems the ideal solution in the realization of furnishings and wood flooring.

The Cutlite Penta solutions for interior design have been specifically devised to offer the most innovative functions thanks to speed, user-friendliness, bespoke configurations and the use of CNC able to also manage image files.

Advantages of the Cutlite Penta laser systems for architecture:
  • High performance in terms of power and speed
  • Very high-definition optical system
  • Versatile and intuitive management software
  • 3D processing of large-sized surfaces, too
  • Flawless accuracy in the finest detail
  • No material waste
  • Low power consumption
Advantages of the Cutlite Penta laser systems for interior design:
  • Manufacturing speed
  • High repeatability of processing
  • Possible raster images from camera and smartphone
  • Very high accuracy even in complex graphics
  • Remote processing without any risk for the material
  • Compact layout that is easy to integrate to manufacturing chains
  • Processing of large-sized surfaces, too
Which materials are suitable for laser processing?
  • polycarbonate
  • polypropylene
  • polyoxymethylene

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