Cardboard industry

Laser machines for the paper industry: unique processing and versatility

In the paper sector, processing of both flat and rotary die-boards is performed by the most cutting-edge laser systems allowing a high manufacturing rhythm and unparalleled accuracy in cut processing; as they are key factors in the paper industry, Cutlite Penta delivers state-of-the-art laser cutting systems equipped with a number of customizations and a wide array of solutions in terms of power and size of the working table. In addition, the laser does not generate any waste material and does not require any chemical inks, thus bringing about a considerable reduction in the environmental impact.



The LTF system is the most compact model of the Cutlite Penta production range for laser-cutting of die-boards for paper industry, since it represents the right solution for cardboard-boxes manufacturing companies (which produce die-boards in house) as well as for die-board manufacturing companies with medium-low production.

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LTF 3015 DUO represents the new start-of-art combo all-in-one laser available in the die-making market. Compact, powerful, modular, this model convinces for its original design and confirms the main successful features of the LTF standard model with the attachment for the rotary part.

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The LTFP represents the state of the art technology of Flat Bed laser; stable, accurate, easy to use, customizable with a wide array of options; these are just few of the key-points of this model.

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The OF  model is the one that has most consolidated its position over the time in the field of working flat elements for use in the paper industry. The machine is made up of a moving table along two axes X and Y , and a fixed head that guarantees cutting regularity over the entire surface to be worked.

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Combo systems can be carried out for workings on flat and rotary die-boards, by using the OF 2515 models for cutting flat die-boards combined with the OFRL Compact model for cutting rotary die-boards.

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The new OFRL  rotary laser cutting system sums up and meets all needs related to the working of curved elements for paper industry use, and thanks to its compact structure it is suitable for environments with narrow spaces.

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Customization and flexibility in configuration too

The wide array of cutting and engraving types that can be obtained through a laser perfectly suits to the production of packaging items, boxes, die-boards of any shape and kind.

Choosing Cutlite Penta, bespoke configurations can be realized for particular manufacturing needs.

Designing and realizing any component within our group allow offering dedicated support for the development of the ideal system.
The CNCs of our laser machines are specifically devised to offer the most innovative functions, including the management of images directly downloaded by camera or the web.

Advantages of laser technology for the paper industry:
  • Remote processing with no damage to the material
  • Versatility in processing
  • High accuracy even in the most complex graphics
  • No material waste
  • Optimization of processing time and costs
  • Utmost accuracy of the cutting furrow, that is precise and definite
  • Ongoing repeatability of cutting on all die-boards
  • Reduction in time for overlaying
Advantages of the Cutlite Penta laser machines:
  • Long-term specific expertise with proprietary technology and made-in-Italy
  • Compact and fast laser machines
  • Very reliable CO2 laser sources
  • Machine handling through linear motors
  • The fastest automatic table change in the market
  • High-profile processing
  • Possible bespoke configurations
  • Processing of large-sized surfaces, too
Which materials are suitable for laser processing?
  • WOOD
  • CORK
  • veneered

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