Fiber laser systems for carpentry: more efficiency with high thickness too

Cutlite Penta offers high-technology solutions for the carpentry sector with fiber laser machines for metal cutting with power up to 20kW and very high quality processing.
Research in high performance technology has allowed developing laser machines for every manufacturing need from laser cutting of large-sized surfaces to 5-axis processing in space.
The low level of maintenance required and power consumption of the fiber laser makes this solution extremely cheap from both an economic and environmental point of view.


Fiber Plus

Fiber Plus combine high performance, great structural stiffness and high efficiency.The linear motors technology enables high dynamic (≤2.5G), allowing high productivity even on extremely complex geometries. The high-performance of Fiber Plus comes from the completely new design around the fiber laser, not merely adjusting the existing machines designed for CO2 laser.

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Macchina laser Fiber Plus

Fiber Bevel

Bevel cutting is the process of cutting a part with an edge that is not perpendicular  to the top of the piece. It aims to increase the surface of the edge for stronger and safer welding. There is a number of bevel edges. Such edges are indicated , in this sector, by the alphabet  letter that is most similar to the cut‘s shape seen in its cross-section.

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Macchina laser Fiber Bevel

Laser Machine Fiber LME

The new LME fiber cutting system is now included within the Cutlite Penta range of products: it was specifically designed to meet the needs of the fashion accessories world that has long required small-sized machines with speed and accuracy performances of excellence.

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Fiber Compact

Fiber Compact is the brand new machine for 3D cutting. Its fiber laser source allows treating metals. Therefore, its natural application is within the precision mechanical engineering industry . Linear motors  allow rapidly reaching the most difficult corners of the piece to be treated

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Linear Cube

Linear Cube is an innovative laser cutting system made up of 5 axes including three Cartesian (X,Y,Z) axes and two polar (B,C) axes. The monolithic structure featuring onboard laser source allows definitely reducing installation times while guaranteeing the utmost balance of optical alignments.

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Neat and accurate cutting in a very short time: advantages of fiber laser

The Cutlite Penta laser systems for carpentry guarantee perfect finish without any necessary second processing; our technical team has designed a particularly performing cutting head with excellent results in both stainless steel and aluminum processing and in iron processing.
The fast automatic table change and the user-friendliness of the front-end software allow considerably speeding up the manufacturing rhythms while maintaining extraordinary quality.
All of the Cutlite Penta fiber laser systems for metal use linear motors, that require little maintenance and low operating costs. That is the reason why we can offer our customers an unparalleled price-quality ratio in this sector.

Advantages of Cutlite Penta laser machines:
  • Proprietary technology
  • Very high-power fiber laser sources
  • High-technology cutting head
  • Linear motor handling
  • Laser cutting up to 35-40mm thickness
  • Laser systems for processing of large sizes
  • Dedicated support and bespoke configurations
Advantages of the fiber laser systems for the carpentry sector:
  • Better quality of processing of sheet metal
  • Very high accuracy without any necessary finishing
  • Cutting of previously drawn surfaces
  • High processing speed
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Low operating and consumable costs
Which materials are suitable for laser processing?
  • IRON

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs.