Personal Protection Equipment

Laser machines for cutting and manufacturing personal protection equipment (PPE)

In such period due to the Covid-19 emergency the personal protection equipment (PPE) sector has played a key role with an increasing demand for fast and effective manufacturing tools required to guarantee the safety of our citizens.

The Cutlite Penta laser systems for cutting of plastics perfectly meet this need as they can easily and rapidly realize protection visors, plexiglas and PMMA dividers.

The high precision guaranteed by our laser machines ensures perfectly neat edges since the very first processing, with considerable saving of time over the manufacturing cycle. In addition, laser processing does not require any fixing of the part onto the working table and it is not slowed down by the tool change. These advantages add to the absence of waste material along with the low power consumption, that allow reducing both operating costs and environmental impact.


Macchina laser PLUS CP

Plus CP series machines have been specifically designed to get the highest performance, these machines are the best solution for the laser cutting of PMMA + Acrylic.

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The new CO2 LMP laser cutting system is now part of the Cutlite Penta family. Designed to meet the market demands for small-sized machines with excellent speed and precision performance. The 1515 version can therefore represent the market entry-level system.

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Despite its small size, LTS CP can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the Plus series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.

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High performance, remote processing: fast and safe PPE manufacturing

All of the Cutlite Penta laser machines are in-house designed and developed so as to offer increasingly higher performance and the utmost flexibility. Due to quality components such as high-power laser sources and very high-definition optical system, high-profile cutting and shaping can be performed in a very short time. The cutting head of our laser machines is equipped with an autofocus system that automatically adjusts the right distance from the material thus considerably reducing the contact between machine and operator and accordingly any risk of deforming the material. In addition, as there is no mechanical contact between tool and material, processing is highly repeatable without affecting quality at all.

Advantages of the Cutlite Penta laser systems:
  • Proprietary technology and made in Italy
  • High-power laser sources
  • Use of linear motors
  • The fastest automatic table change in the market
  • Very high-definition optical system
  • Bespoke configurations
  • Systems for processing of large-sized surfaces, too
Advantages of laser technology for PPE manufacturing:
  • High accuracy of final result
  • Manufacturing speed
  • Neat and perfectly sealed edges
  • No need of further finish
  • No material waste
  • Low consumption and operating costs
  • High repeatability
Which materials are suitable for laser processing?
  • polycarbonate
  • polypropylene
  • polyoxymethylene

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

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