Point-of-sale displays

High technology laser machines for cutting of point-of-sale displays

Manufacturing point-of-sale displays requires reliable and safe solutions so as to guarantee order and functionality. The use of laser machines in the realization of displays allows achieving excellent results with a wide range of materials.

From wood to metal, up to plexiglas and other plastics, the Cutlite Penta laser systems offer very high cutting quality with low operating costs. In addition, the typical accuracy of laser processing does not require any further finish, thus involving considerable saving of processing time. No material waste coupled with reduced use of power resources make this technology particularly advantageous from both an economic and environmental point of view.


Macchina laser PLUS CP

Plus CP series machines have been specifically designed to get the highest performance, these machines are the best solution for the laser cutting of PMMA + Acrylic.

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The new CO2 LMP laser cutting system is now part of the Cutlite Penta family. Designed to meet the market demands for small-sized machines with excellent speed and precision performance. The 1515 version can therefore represent the market entry-level system.

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Despite its small size, LTS CP can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the Plus series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.

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Versatility of the laser systems for metal, wood and plastics

The extraordinary processing quality guaranteed by Cutlite Penta due to the in-house design of the cutting head provides the manufacturers of point-of-sale displays with definitely flawless results even in the realization of complex and original shapes.

Thanks to the in-house development of the components we can support customers even in case of bespoke configurations and special systems for specific needs.

Advantages of the Cutlite Penta laser machines:
  • High performance in terms of power and speed
  • Compact layout that is easy to integrate with manufacturing chains
  • The fastest automatic table change in the market
  • Special systems for 5-axis processing
  • Laser processing systems for large-sized surfaces
  • Bespoke configurations
  • Very high cutting quality
Advantages of laser processing for display manufacturing:
  • Increase of manufacturing rhythms
  • Low operating costs
  • No material waste
  • Versatility of processing
  • High level of customization
  • Distance processing without any risk of deforming the material
  • Perfectly sealed edges
Which materials are suitable for laser processing?
  • polycarbonate
  • polypropylene
  • polyoxymethylene

Choose the Cutlite Penta laser solution that best meets your business requirements.

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs.