Plastic cutting

Sturdy, reliable and fast machines: laser cutting machines for plastic materials are at your side in the most difficult production cycles.

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Die making

Accuracy is the key requirement indie-boards cutting. Curves and lines:each marking and engraving shouldallow the blade to perfectly matchthe material.

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Metal cutting

12 KW of fiber laser source and a new specially designed laser cutting Penta Fiber Head: our laser systems are equipped with the most advanced technology able to carry out the heaviest operations. 

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3D Cut

Flexibility and precision are the keywords underlying the design of Cutlite Penta’s five-axis cutting systems.

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Special Application

Take advantage of Cutlite Penta’s best technology. We supply OEM solutions that can be integrated in existing or new industrial systems. 

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Cutlite Penta systems are specialized in applications on metal and plastic materials and in die and cut and 2D cutting operations.

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Hardware accessories

Discover all the hardware suitable for our products

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Software Solutions

Discover all the software solutions suitable for our products

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Galvanometric Systems

Ot-Las builds laser solutions to satisfy every production requirement, from cutting and perforation to engraving and decoration

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