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May 29th, 2024

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Increase productivity with customised fiber laser systems

Find out about fiber laser machines with up to 50kW of power, made-to-measure in Italy for your company.

The highest cutting quality with the lowest production time.

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Linear laser cutting


Fibre laser systems with linear motors and Penta Evo 3 cutting head for cutting carbon, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised sheet metal, zinc, bronze, copper and brass.

Tube cutting laser


Fiber laser system with up to 5 axes for cutting tubes and profiles. Top-quality cutting and speed performance with flexible technology for open and closed profiles.

Combo cutting

laser machines

Fiber laser systems for cutting flat surfaces and tubes. Switch from a flat surface to a tube automatically using the EVO 3 cutting head.

CUTLITE PENTA designs and manufactures hardware components for fiber laser systems based on your requirements for cutting and overall dimensions.


Tailor-made automation and systems for large surfaces as well

Cutlite Penta also produces in-house in-line or 90° loading and unloading systems combined with vertical storage warehouses that communicate directly with our laser systems.

Reasons for choosing Cutlite Penta

Find out about the

latest-generation fiber laser technology

Fiber laser power up to 50kW

Our laser sources are the number one in Europe with up to 50kW of power for cutting metal, even with high thicknesses.

User-friendly front-end software

We develop cutting-edge front-end software to guarantee high profile performances and easy and intuitive use.

Customised hardware solutions

We design and manufacture hardware components for fiber laser systems based on your requirements for cutting and overall dimensions.


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